MT Womens Weekend is Quickly approaching!!!!!!!!

I was recently reminded of why we do Young Life. And that is to share the gospel with kids. We want to see more kids hear the gospel and get in front of Jesus. Sometimes we forget that and focus on other things. Most of you probably got involved in Young Life because you were directly impacted by leaders, or because you saw other kids being impacted. I personally had a leader invest in me, take me to Malibu as a sophomore in high school, and share what Christ meant with me. That’s where my life changed. As a leader, going into high schools, sharing the Gospel with kids, having Campaigners at home:  that’s the why. We get to see kids’ lives transformed through everything we do. I want us to remember and focus on that. I want us to remember to tell the story of why. When you’re meeting with leaders, why should they be a leader? Because they’re impacting kids’ lives and being given an opportunity to share the gospel with them. When you’re meeting with your committee, why should they be involved? Because they can make an impact in the community. We will continue to talk more about this, but I want us to remember why we are involved in Young Life, and why we are called to this mission.

Keith Dow

Associate Regional Director Montana

3rd Annual Young Life Women’s Retreat April 17-19th: Each Area will get one free spot!!!!!!!

We wowomens retreat invitationuld like to invite all you Ladies to our 3rd annual Young Life Montana Women’s Retreat April 17-19 in lovely Bozeman, Montana. This event is for any women that is involeved in Young Life in some way, Below is the invite with information on the event and here is the link to register. Can’t wait to see you all there!!!




Dear Staff Team:
Young Life’s Pray 24-7 Initiative, announced recently in Monday Morning, is gaining momentum, and I want to make sure you consider yourself personally invited to participate in the worldwide, missionwide prayer movement!
As you know, Young Life was founded on prayer and has been committed to prayer from the time Jim Rayburn showed up on that first high school campus. Even now, this minute, there are people praying that Young Life will make a difference for kids in their communities. Even now, someone is praying for the mission’s outreach to kids on the other side of the globe. We are a praying mission. And I believe God is nudging us to more fully integrate prayer into the fabric of our daily work together.
If you would like to join YL PRAY 24-7, please go to The prayer week is divided into 15-minute segments. Please look for an opening in the calendar and then click on “Join the Team” to add your prayer time to the calendar. If you need help selecting an opening, or have already joined but would like to change your time to an open time slot, just email your change to or call Jackie Davis at (316) 258-9110.
As we get started, prayer requests are being submitted through regional, divisional, camping and service center offices. Please contact your supervisor if you have a request for the worldwide prayer team.
Whether you join the Pray 24-7 team or not, I know you are a committed person of prayer and I thank you for your faithfulness as we pray and seek to introduce more kids to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.
In Christ,


We all tell stories, either at club or talking with committee and donors. This is a great article on how to tell great stories.

A Refresher on Storytelling 101
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Urban Campership Scholarships

Boys Hey Curtis HighNow is the time for your Area to apply to participate in the Urban Campership Scholarship fund. The application deadline is April 15 (a strict deadline).  While that deadline is a 15 days away, it will take time to get kids identified and the forms filled out.  Plan now.  You can access the form by clicking here.  These funds are specifically designated for schools or ministries that have 60% of their kids in a free or reduced lunch plan.

Action Item: If applicable, complete the Campership Grant Application before April 15.

Montana YL Staff Meeting May:19th-20th

We have our next YL staff meeting on May 19th-20th.  We will start at 1pm on the 19th and finish at 1pm on the 20th.  Our meeting will be held at Canyon Ferry Lake outside of Helena MT.  All full time staff are required to attend and all part time staff and volunteer area directors are invited to attend.  If you are on part time staff or a volunteer area director, please RSVP to Shannon Fair by email here at