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Young Life camp leader training:

Montana/Northern Wyoming Camp Leader training


It is our goal that every leader who goes to camp this summer will be well training and prepared for a week at camp with kids.  To help ensure this happens we have created a camp leader training program that needs to be completed by every leader who is going to camp this summer.  All of the training will be done online through YL access along with a camp leader training time in your local area.  Each area will set up their leaders on their YL access account and send the Summer camp leader orientation to them. If you need help with this please contact Shannon Fair.  

There is an 8 part camp leader training course that will need to be completed.  That included the following topics.

  1. Introduction and Philosophy of YL camping.
  2. Young Life camping non-negotiables
  3. Understanding your role in “leader centered camping”
  4. Being a leader and keeping kids safe
  5. Cabin time: “don’t fear the silence”
  6. Cabin time: “Sample Questions and helpful scripture
  7. Mastering one on one conversations
  8. A thank you and a simple glimpse of the end.

We also recommend the following as well:

  1. Training for 1st time leaders at camp
  2. Move kids from spectators to participants
  3. Camp follow up: dont drop the ball

Thank you for investing in kids and sharing life with them for a week at camp.  We know and trust that the Lord is going to do great things.

Keith Dow

Regional Director

Montana/ Northern Wyoming

Young Lives camp trip leader check list:

What Young Life leaders should pack for summer camp: click here

The Complete Guide To A YL’d Bus Ride: Click here

Other Great camp Links:


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