Giving Thanks for you all

Philemon 4-7

Every time your name comes up in my prayers, I say, “Oh, thank you, God!” I keep hearing of the love and faith you have for the Master Jesus, which brims over to other believers. And I keep praying that this faith we hold in common keeps showing up in the good things we do, and that people recognize Christ in all of it. Friend, you have no idea how good your love makes me feel, doubly so when I see your hospitality to fellow believers. The Message

Upcoming Dates

Nov 12 Billings Auction

November 16-17 staff overnight

November 17 Missoula Strategic Planning

Nov 24 Thanksgiving

Volunteers on Assignment

If you have volunteers in your Area who would like to be on Assignment, HERE is the link to the ‘Volunteers for Assignment’ google doc. Please have the recommending staff person fill this out for the volunteer.

Summer assignments are where some of the best training is done. You get to see Young Life in action from a number of perspectives. You get to hear from other mission leaders. You get immediate feedback and opportunities for growth. Get your volunteers on an assignment. They will come back as better volunteers.

Thank for having a vision for your people and working to get them on assignment.

Action Item: If applicable, sign up any Volunteers you have who’d like to do an Assignment.

GPS Thanks

THANK YOU for your work on GPS! You guys ROCK! We had minimal follow up and every single area made the regional deadline. Thank you so much for your time and work on this project. We appreciate you all!!

Required Snow Skiing/Boarding Insurance Forms

Our friends in the Risk Management department have an updated 2016-2017 snow sport participation packet. These required forms will help assist you with medical coverage issues which arise during snow skiing/boarding activities.

Each ski/boarding participant must complete these forms before the trip and areas need to submit these forms to the Insurance/Risk Management Department before the trip. Please remember areas need to report all participant information whether or not insurance is purchased. Skiing and snowboarding in compliance with these guidelines will help us prevent a large number of the accidents which occur.

 Adult Guest Registration


Are you work on identifying Adult Guest’s for the coming summer?  Spots are still open.

Please remember that we are looking for people to provide exposure to Young Life for individuals who can have a significant impact in the development of their local area or on the mission as a whole.   As you consider who to invite to be an adult guest, focus on those who will joyfully engage with all camp activities and events.  The hope is that the Adult Guests have the ability to significantly help the local Area, such as serving through leadership on the Committee. Include those who can influence public opinion about Young Life, such as a school superintendent, principal, head coach or community leader.

The adult guest experience is also for those who can help us in significant ways financially. Focus on your top TDS donors and donor prospects. It’s a way to thank donors and keep them involved. It is a way to further expose people to the ministry who have the capacity to make a major gift to Young Life if their knowledge and interest in Young Life is increased. We must be strategic in our allocation of adult guest spots and this is especially true of our relatives and second time adult guests.  Thanks for your help.

Adult Guest Registration

Summer Adult Guest Reservation Policy

Adult Guest Experience Video

Adult Guest Program Guide

Student Leadership Project (SLP)


“I learned about my heart and what I think my calling is – my heart is bent toward those suffering injustices. I’m not sure how it will play out; I know God will help me handle it.” – 2017 SLP Student
Sign Students up Now for Student Leadership Project 2017!  The online application is available now for the 2017 Student Leadership Project.  Please encourage your most gifted student leaders to apply for this life transforming leadership / cultural awareness experience.  Students will deepen their faith, learn spiritual practices, become more culturally aware, and develop their leadership potential in a 10 day experience in a diverse group led by gifted staff.
“I learned what I’m good at and what I need to work on, especially as a leader. My faith and belief in God’s goodness and sovereignty has increased incredibly.”
Who: This experience is perfect for students who demonstrate leadership in your club, in their school, or in their community.  Please encourage the top leaders in your program to apply. Scholarships are available. Consider this an important next step for students who help you with club and need a growth experience beyond a 2nd/3rd time to a camp.
When / Where: Session I – Calvin College, North Park University, Grand Rapids and Chicago June 20-30.
Session II – Eastern University, Philadelphia July 10-20
Session III – July 25-August 4 location TBA
Apply In November / December for early acceptance
Cost: $750 plus transportation – Scholarships available for MCU students
Application and Information: // Questions contact Vern Hill, Director 612-414-8157; Sophia Cox 443-326-4192.
“The most important things I learned at SLP were the power of being vulnerable and not to be ashamed of my story or who I am or where I come from. I felt really accepted here.”

Are your leaders compliant??

Psalm 119:30

I have chosen to be faithful;
I have determined to live by your regulations.
All through Psalm 119, the psalmist tells about how God’s commandments & instructions revives us, gives us hope, comfort and joy. Find delight in His word today:)

Upcoming Due Dates

  • October 25 – Divisional GPS Day
  • October 28- Regional Prayer Call 9-9:30am
  • October 31 – Update Volunteer Accounts
  • October 31 – Update YL Access Account

Update Your Area’s Volunteer Accounts Before October 31!

On October 31, Young Life volunteer accounts in Staff Resources will expire. Please review your list of volunteers and update active volunteer expiration dates to 10/31/17. Volunteers with expired accounts are not allowed to work with kids, will have their P Cards deactivated, and will no longer have access to Staff Resources.

Don’t miss this! Expiring Volunteer Accounts = Inactive Concur Users (card holders and approvers). So if a volunteer account expires, the associated Concur user and P Card will become inactive as well.

Here are instructions on how to update volunteer accounts in the volunteer manager application.

Action Item: Update volunteer accounts by October 31st.

New this year is the Confidentiality Agreement

New this year is the Confidentiality Agreement that we will need all volunteer leaders and staff to complete on staff resources. It should pop up on the first screen when they sign in. Please look at your staff volunteer rosters and see if all other screenings have expired or still need to be completed by current leaders. Background Checks and Faith & Conduct must be completed before leaders can do contact work with kids. Also, Driver’s Questionnaires need to be completed if volunteers are driving kids to or from YL events.

Fall GPS Update

It’s GPS season again! Starting this weekend on October 15, you can update your GPS statistics. Our goal is to have every ministry in the Northwestern Division updated by the end of the day onTuesday, October 25. Note: we are asking if you are busy on October 25 that you complete the process between October 15-24.gps

Here’s what to do:

1.Open GPS on Staff Resources by clickingthis link.

2. Click the tab for Committee Information.
– List your committee chair – if the name is not correct update the chair in volunteer manager.
– Edit the number of committee members.
– Edit the number of ministry support team members.

3. Click the Open Clubs tab and review your area’s clubs and ministries. Be sure each ministry meets the 5 CRITERIA THAT DEFINE A MINISTRY. If you need to open, close, or transfer a ministry in your area, complete this form before October 25. Only regional offices can change the ministries listed on this page.

4. Click the Edit Statistics icon and update your ministry stats. Hovering over the column titles will give you a description of each field. If you want to put “0” for Average kids, Total Club Cards, Average Discipleship, or Leaders please contact the region – we may need to close the ministry if all of the criteria are not being met

5. A few new things for this year in GPS:
– For each ministry be sure to specify if the ministry team leader is a full-time staff person, a part-time YL staff person, or a YL volunteer.
– Click on the ministry name and make sure if the ministry is a “multi-cultural ministry” that the “yes” option is selected.
– If a ministry is a club beyond (YL Military ministry), click the ministry name and select Edit and switch the ministry type to “Club Beyond”.

6. Click Update Statistics when you are finished (or your work will be lost).



Action Item: Update your areas GPS by October 25th.

Payroll/Title Confirmation

Within the next week you will receive access to your 2016-2017 Cash Flow. With the start of the new fiscal year there were a number of changes to compensation levels and titles. Please take a second to check your October paycheck and confirm everything is correct. If changes need to be made, please contact Keith or Shannon.

Title changes are still being processed but should be complete by month end, please do not contact the service center regarding a title change.

Updating Your Young Life Access Account

As mentioned previously in the Monday Morning, by October 31, all “owners” of area Young Life Access accounts need to complete this information accordingly. This form will update your account. If you’re unsure if you’re the “owner” of your account, log into Young Life Access and your profile will say “owner,” “admin,” or “user.” This update is only for “owners”!

Please complete this form. Once completed, an email will be sent after your changes are made.Please fill out the form even if your area’s owner has not changed. Please email Leigh Winans, the administrator for all Young Life Access accounts, with any questions!

Action Item: All Young Life Access owners need to update their account by October 31st.

Critical Counting Collection Commences Oct 15

GPS reporting day Oct 25

In years past GPS reporting for October has opened on October 1st. This year GPS will open October 15th. We will have our Divisional GPS Day on Tuesday October 25th. Our goal is to have every ministry in the Division updated by the end of business on Tuesday October 25th.
Here are a few helpful links:
Our Information Services team is working hard to upgrade the GPS (YL ministry stats) application for this fall. We will see some new features like:

1. Updates to the “add locations and ministries” functionality, making it easier to add new schools
2. A new way to designate multi-cultural ministry separate from the size of a community, allowing for multi-cultural ministries in a non-urban setting
3. Connecting attributes such as Wyldlife or Capernaum, to ministries instead of clubs

Leader Screening updated by October 31

New this year is the confidentiality agreement that we will need all volunteer leaders to complete on staff resources. It should pop up on the first screen when they sign in. Please look at your staff volunteer rosters and see if screenings have expired or still need to be completed by current leaders. Please also go to your volunteer manager and expire any leaders who are no longer serving in the area. You just click edit at the far right of their name and change the expiration date to tomorrow.

October 31st Volunteer accounts

will expire so we need to update the expiration dates for all current leaders. You can change multiple leaders by going into Mission Security on Internet explorer 10 or older. Let Shannon know if you need help with this.

Talk Sequence for Falls clubs

Here is a great resource for fall talks at club.

Guest Registration

– This Adult Guest Registration form must be completed by a Young Life staff member or volunteer on behalf of the potential summer adult guest.
– All adult guest reservation requests are subject to availability.
– Adult guests must be approved by the regional office. It is the responsibility of the area office to send the registration to the regional office for review.
Applications are accepted at any time on a first -come, first serve basis. Staff can hold up to 2 rooms without guest names for up to 60 days or until till March 1, whichever comes first. For more details, you can check out this page.

Young Life Store Christmas Catalog

 The Young Life Store Christmas catalog for 2016 is now available. September & October are great times to get your custom orders in so you get everything on time. Bonus for ordering early is that they are giving away some Patagonia Better Sweater jackets! Take a look and place your orders today for your donors, staff, thank you gifts and leader gifts! Not seeing what you want? Give them a call at   1-800-266-1665.

My Apologies

I completely spaced the prayer call that we moved to Sept. 30th. Please forgive me. I am praying for you all!! We will catch up next month:)


September 8

Well Equipped for all you do

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.—2 Corinthians 9:8

God has your back and will give you everything you need so that you can do what He has called you to do in this ministry, in your families, and in your spiritual walk with Him.

Sept 21-22- Staff overnight in Helena
Sept 23- Regional Conference Call
Oct 1-2- Fairmont Team Leader, Teacher Leader, Student Staff, Committee Chair overnight
Oct 1-2017 online Work Crew Application available

“Women to Call” Resource

The Women’s Leadership Network is now offering a Women to Call Resource List, where experienced staff women in various stages of life give their “Top Five Tips” for succeeding and thriving on Young Life staff in that season of life and ministry. These experienced, wise women are also available for questions through a call or email. Check out this new resource for women and men alike!

NW Divisonal WyldLife                                                           September 1, 2016 | Vol. 2
Make a plan! It’s not too late to meet with your team / area and talk about how you are going to welcome your outgoing WyldLifers (incoming freshmen) into your HS Young Life Clubs. Like everything in Young Life, personal invitation is key and you are ones that have won the right!
Go to club with them –  Most of the time it’s as simple as going with / taking your former WyldLife kids to Young Life Club instead of just telling them about it.
Special Club/Event – Maybe your HS Young Life Team/Club has some special events in the fall that would be a great intro for freshman or maybe you need to suggest something like that to them so that they can best welcome in the freshmen.
Fall Camp – Fall Camp can be a great experience to get freshmen connected to Young Life in high school, whether or not they have been involved in WyldLife.
Example: A couple years ago I went with my 9th grade friends to Fall Camp the year after I had been their WyldLife Leader. None of them had gone to anything WyldLife (in fact, none of them even knew I was their WyldLife leader, haha) and even though they weren’t in middle school now I still had the opportunity to invite them into the Young Life family because we had become friends. I didn’t end up leading them as their HS Young Life leader but they got connected to a Young Life leader and have a been very involved in their Club. And we are still very good friends.
Become a HS Young Life Leader: This is not for everyone because we still need WyldLife Leaders! But there may be a situation where the best thing for you to do is go with your students to high school. Talk to your team leader or area director.
We call our event the “WyldLife Late-Nighter” around the Seattle area but you can call it whatever you want. Basically, it’s a winter weekend camp alternative (or possibly an addition) that packs everything into 30 hours. It’s a crazy, action-packed night perfect for our middle school friends! … and shorter for our leaders 🙂

WyldLife Late-Nighter – General Ideas:

  • Multiple Area Event (depending on numbers)
  • Program Team – Speaker, 2-3 Program, Musician, 2-4 Head Leaders
  • 4 Locations / Events (dinner included): 7:00 PM – 2:30 AM
  • 2 WyldLife Clubs (like club at summer camp)
  • Bus or leaders drive cars
  • Area Overnight (guys house / girls house)
  • Area Breakfast (ask committee to help here)
email if you have questions or want more info

Here are some resources to continue to learn about the kids we serve in WyldLife. We hope that these encourage and inform you as you grow in your ministry.

  • Being 12: The Year Everything Changes (Multimedia Series)
  • Search for “Ted Talks” on “Adolescent Brain” or “Teenage Brain” (Videos)
  • Read Hurt 2.0 by Chap Clark (Book)


Hi all,

Just some reminders of some due dates:

Sept 1- R2 for Fairmont overnight Oct 1-2

Sept 1- Training Registration opens up

Sept 2- Regional conference call Friday at 9am

When Fri Sep 2, 2016 9am – 10am (MDT)

Sept 7-9 Keith at Divisional mtg

Sept 15 Summer Assignment requests due

Sept 15 Women’s Leadership Network Survey due

Sept 15 final changes to payroll due

Sept 21-22 Staff Overnight in Helena

Sept 23 Regional Prayer call

Oct 1-2 Team and Teacher Leader, Committee and Student Staff Overnight at Fairmont

Breathe and let God guide!

Ps.23: 1-3 God, my shepherd!
    I don’t need a thing.
You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
    you find me quiet pools to drink from.
True to your word,
    you let me catch my breath
    and send me in the right direction. MSG

As we head into this school year, we all have a lot on our plates. Meetings with donors, committee, leaders, kids, events to plan, trainings to lead, evals to complete, our own kids to get ready for school, etc. At times it feels like we don’t have an extra minute in the day but God wants us to know that there is rest and solace found in Him. He is the author of peace and just taking a couple minutes to start our day with Him, to take a deep breath, inhaling His peace and exhaling all the busy, He can rejuvenate us. When we pause, make space, we make room for God to show us what is the priority, what He truly wants us to pursue for the day.



Regional Calendar

August 26th- Camp Requests Due
Aug 31- PICTURES AND KID STORIES TO SHANNON- 3 strike policy applies
Sept 1- Registration for New Staff Training/Winter Training/Area Director School opens.
Sept 2- Regional conference call
Sept 2- Area Scorecard and Annual Review due
Sept 21-22- Staff overnight in Helena
Sept 23- Regional Prayer Call
Oct 1-2- Fairmont Team Leader, Teacher Leader, Student Staff, Committee Chair overnight
Oct 1-2017 online Work Crew Application available
Oct 7- Mission-wide Day of Prayer
Oct 14- Regional Conference Call
Oct 15- GPS opens
Oct 28- Regional Prayer Call
Nov 3-6 YoungLives Conference
Nov 4- Regional Conference Call
Nov 9-11 College YL Summit
Nov 16-17- Staff Overnight

Nov 18- Regional Prayer Call

Dec 1- R1 due back to camps

Dec 9- Regional Conference Call

 Dec 23- Regional Prayer Call
– Post Offices in Montana do not have next day service to Prescott, AZ. You have to use UPS or FedEx


CAMP REQUESTS due Tomorrow Aug 26th

So far we have Billings and Bozeman travel choices 1) Malibu Week 2 , 2) Malibu week 3, 3) Canyon week 1

and for Wyldlife- Bozeman choices 1) Creekside week 1, 2) Creekside week 6, 3) Creekside week 3

Regional Calendar on Blog-

Finally figured out that I had the wrong calendar on the blog so you should be able to see the correct dates now on the google calendar link. There is also a list of dates for the whole year on that blog page. Let me know if you can’t access it.

We will normally have our Regional Conference Calls the second Friday of the month at 9am with the exception of Sept 2 and Nov 4. 

Regional Prayer calls will normally be the 4th Friday of the month at 9am except Nov 18th.

October 1-2 Team & Teacher Leader, Committee Chair and Student Staff overnight

Please be sure to RSVP and also follow up with your area teams to make sure they are coming to this overnighter at Fairmont Hot Springs. Tons of great info, training, sharing and community building will be happening so please don’t let them miss out!

Evite to RSVP for the overnighter.

Banners and Flags

Here is a website that is fairly inexpensive compared to some site for those feather flags. The more we order the cheaper the cost per unit so if a few areas want to go in together just let Shannon know and we can do one bulk order.

Hello from Malibu

We need your Pictures and Stories

We have a project we are working on and need to compile pictures and stories from each area that show what has been happening around the state and how Young Life is impacting kids in your communities. Plus, it is very life-giving to here how God is working in kids lives!

Action Step: Please send Shannon 2+ pictures from your area clubs, activities, and camp by July 29th.

Action Step:Please send Shannon a kid story by Aug 5. 

Upcoming dates:

JULY 19-AUG 19: Keith is on Assignment
AUGUST 1: Camp request website LIVE!
AUGUST 12: Final Area Budgets due by assignment to Regional offices
SEPTEMBER 21-12: Regional Staff Overnight

Non-Young Life property camps, discipleship trips and weekend camp reporting

This Fiscal year, if you have taken kids to a ski camp, had a campaigners outreach weekend, gone on an overnight backpacking trip with students, etc. please fill out this quick N form.

Calling all Team & Teacher Leaders, Committee Chairs, and Student Staff

We’re going to Fairmont!! Pack your overnight bag and join us Oct 1-2 noon to noon for an amazing overnighter planned for you with Fellowship, On-Point Training, Great Dinner and time in the pool! RSVP here.

Register at this link. For Questions, call Shannon Fair 406-579-6064 or email


Happy 4th of July!


Hi all,

Praying you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend with friends and family! Monday the 4th is a Young Life Holiday.

Couple Reminders

  1. Leader Compliance for your leaders going to camp on staff resources(staff Volunteer Roster is best place to see if they are all compliant) and Leader Training on YLAccess(Call me if you need help).
  2.  When traveling, call the number on the back of your p-card to let them know.
  3. If you are going on vacation, let Keith know and also put an out of office on your phone and email.
  4. Keep pursuing kids to take to camp and give your leaders a vision to keep reaching out to kids.
  5. Enjoy this incredible state God has blessed us to live in!
  6. Shannon is on vacation July 4-9 and will be out of cell and internet range for most of that time.

Camping is in full swing!

Praying for camp trips

Please be praying for the following camps:

Lodge Grass at Lost Canyon- May 29-June 5

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch – June 5-9

Billings, Cody at Malibu- June 9-17

 Important deadlines

Past Due- Regional Calendar Input 

June 12- Area Ministry Calendar due

June 15– Senior Contact info submitted through contacts, camp trip mgr or spreadsheet

Team Leader Job Description

Here is the Team Leader Job Description. We will be having an overnight October 1-2 just for Team Leaders at Fairmont Hot Springs so let them know so they can save the date.

An exciting new Online Health Form feature for you!!!!

Instructions to print this form:

  • Login to the  Camping Health Consent and Release application using the Admin Login in the upper right hand side. (If you don’t know about this, someone from your area should have permission to access the Admin portal so they can check all the forms. Call your regional office for training if this is unknown to all leadership in your area, particularly if you are a volunteer lead area.)
  • Navigate to the Current Year Tab
  • View the upcoming trip (using filters if necessary)
  • Select individual campers using the checkbox by their name (or the select all checkbox in the upper right hand corner) to select all individuals on this trip
  • Click the Print button
  • Click Selected Travel Short Form:

This will generate a PDF in a new tab for the trip leader to print. Please note that these forms need to be printed one sided, so that every camper/leader has their own page because of the HIPAA information that is shown. If the camper has started a form, but it is not yet complete, an “Incomplete” watermark will be shown across the page and limited information will be printed on the form.

Please note that we do not want these pages at camp. This functionality is simply to cover your travel to and from camp.

More information on Health Forms:




Camp trip helpful hints


How is the YL Access training going?

Helpful Hints:

  1. Chrome doesn’t play nice with YLAccess so use Firefox or another engine.
  2. The invite to volunteers does expire so even if they don’t have time to do the training right now, encourage them to accept the invite so they can log in before camp at their convenience.
  3. Are your leaders able to log in and complete the training? Are you able to see their responses? Remember to forward their response


Payments can be made online for each camp trip in 2 ways. You can send out an emails to specific individuals that will show them their current balance using this link on the campers tab in camp trip manager.

Individual camper payment

Or you can send a general link for the camp trip found on the trip cost tab.Trip Payment Link

Pcards prep before camp

  1. Call the number on the back of your card to let them know you are traveling out of state.
  2. Also, ask what your credit limit is to be sure you have enough for the expenses of the trip and any emergency costs that might arise.