Thursday, May 2, 2019

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May Birthdays!
Carson Cramer 5/11
Kaitlyn Round 5/11
Nicole Schulz 5/14
Sarah Cramer 5/15
Kristin Eaton 5/1


YL Connect Corner

Reports on Mobile

You are on the move and so is YL Connect. Out of the office and need to check a report? Run any report on your phone by saving it on your desktop first. Learn how in this 1 min video.

Some reports to try:

If you need help accomplishing any of these tasks you can find a variety of training resources by:

Last Week:

Looking for YL Connect training resources and help?

Did you know that the YL Connect Help tab on the bottom right of your screen is not just for your orientation assignments? Go there to see our new layout of training topics organized in the following ways:

  • Training Top 5– these are the top 5 most frequent questions we hear from field staff.
  • Smart Walk-Thrus– step-by-step guides to walk you through a task in YL Connect.
  • Training Videos– short videos that show you how to complete a task in YL Connect.
  • Field Notes & Guides– one pagers and in-depth written resources for key functions in YL Connect.

You can also use the search field to type in a keyword or question that will guide you to all the training resources available for that topic.


Regional Calendar

May 19: Bozeman Clay Shoot
May 27: Memorial Day; YL Holiday
May 31: Areas approve Prelim budgets to Region
May 31-June 4: YBGR Summer Camp in Billings
June 7: Billings Golf Tourney
June 8: Helena Clay Shoot
June 11-16: YL Camp to Malibu (Billings, Bozeman, Cody, Big Sky, Helena, Lewistown)
June 15-19: WL Camp to Creekside (Bozeman)
June 22-27: YL Camp to Canyon (Missoula)
June 24-29: YL Camp to Castaway (Gillette)
June 29-July 3: WL Camp to Creekside (Gillette)
July 4: 4th of July; YL Holiday
July 14-20: YL Camp to Castaway (Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls)
July 22-Aug 1: YL Camp to Castaway (Belgrade)
Aug 4-8: WL Camp to Creekside (Billings, Cody, Big Sky, Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls)
Aug 9: Areas approve FINAL budgets to Region
Aug 12-15: Montana/N Wyoming Younglives Camp (Camp on the Boulder)


New Information

Ways NOT to Give to YL: We LOVE creative fundraising.  And we love using social media.  What we do NOT love is donations/funds not going directly to Young Life.As a mission we are seeing…
Instagram camp bingo cards where donors can select a square that helps to send a kid to camp.

Online payments for shirts via Venmo with the name of the account changed to @area_name_yl

Platforms like Venmo, PayPal and Square have to be connected to a bank account…meaning a personal bank account. So, what staff are doing is changing their personal Venmo account name to be a “Young Life” name but the money goes into their personal account. This is a huge problem.
There are ways to do online/social media fundraising that direct donors to the YL Giving site. More details can be found on this Staff Resources page.
Please be on the lookout for these online fundraisers in your region and be clear with your staff that linking to personal bank acccounts is a serious no-no.

AG Host Needed – Canyon week 9, Aug 6-10th (6th grade week) is in need of an Adult Guest Host. Have a good recommendation? Contact Ky.

WC/SS Needs 
Canyon:  Session 1: 11 male WC   |  Session 3: 15 male WC

Crooked CreekSession 1: 5 male WC, 3 male SS, 1 female SS | Session 2: 3 male WC, 9 male SS, 2 female SS | Session 3: 7 male WC, 12 male SS, 4 female SS
Malibu:  Session 2: 1 male WC

Rocky CreekSession 1: 2 female WC; male kitchen SS, 5 lifeguard SS, 1 sound SS


Previous (but still important) Information
Amazon Business: Beginning April 4, Young Life is partnering with Amazon business to provide staff with Prime benefits via Amazon Business. Please reviewthese benefits and action items and pass this information along to your staff.
Going forward, YL will NO LONGER be reimbursing or covering Amazon Prime on PCards. Partnering with Amazon is saving the mission thousands of dollars a year, while providing the same Prime benefits. All Concur users will receive an invitation to join Amazon Business on April 4th. Anyone in tax-excempt states – the exemptions will already be loaded into the account! If you or your staff already have a business account (like I do), you will need to “de-register” that account, and the “re-register” via the email link you’ll be sent. Refer to Staff Resources for more information.

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