Thursday, August 30, 2018


As summer comes to an end, the breeze in the air begins to cool, and the hustle and bustle of school has set in, we look back at an amazing summer and CELEBRATE our God who has done incredible things!  Over 500 middle school and high school kids from our Montana and Northern Wyoming region attended a summer camp where they God to hear about a loving God who has a great plan for their life. They then got to go back home with their leader and spend the rest of the summer growing and learning about what a life with God looks like. How amazing is that?! And we celebrate YOU! You were a critical part in making all of that possible. Thank you!

New Information

Health Club Benefit:
Tomorrow (August 31st) is the last day to submit your Health Club Benefit.  Click this link to fill out the reimbursement form and email it along with a receipt/invoice, to

Time Accrual:
Please remember to check your time accrual balance to see if you’re up-to-date. If not, make sure to report your vacation, sick and personal time by the September 15 deadline.

Previous (but still important) Information

Camp & Work Crew Requests 2019 – Area’s camp & work crew requests for summer 2019, are due August 31st to the Regions. Here is the camp request system and the complete Work Crew Timeline.
THESE are the NW Divisional guidelines for requesting camp spots, with some specific instructions for our NWD areas. Here are some great examples of info that went out to areas about camping: North Puget SoundOregon Cascade Region, and here is an email I sent to Reg Admins.
*Billings is looking at going to Malibu Session 1 Week 2

Concur + One Time True-Up – With the end of the fiscal year and the service charge one time true-up approaching, please be very mindful about fiscal year-end charges. In order for charges you want to hit your FY18 budget apply to this fiscal year’s finances, please follow the guidelines below:

Concur Users/All Staff – Any charge that you want to hit on your FY18 budget, please be sure those charges are made and your Concur report submitted by September 25th.

Approvers – Please approve all expense reports and payment requests by September 30th so that the charges submitted in those reports and requests can hit in that line item for FY18’s budget.  It may be worth sending an email to all approvers in your region requesting that they approve by this deadline.

Important Dates to Note
Regional Calendar

Aug 31: Deadline for areas to complete their Camping and Work Crew 2019 requests (area requests to regions)
Sept 7-9: Regional Leader and Committee Weekend
Sept 10: Regional Camp requests due to division
Sept 20 or 21: NWD Camping Allocation day. TBD
Oct 30: Regional Work Crew requests due to division

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