July 18, 2019 Regional update

July 18, 2018
We hope you are all having a great summer!
The Lord is changing so many lives through your hard work and leadership!
ECI: Prep you Trip Leaders – For your areas that participated in the Early Camper Incentive (for completing Health Forms early)– Please make sure your AD’s are prepping trip leaders (if they are not the trip leaders) to answer questions at settle up. The link above explains what will happen at settle-up. Here is a great email from the Oregon Cascades Region, that they sent to their staff. Explains the process really well.
Verifying Early Camp Incentive by Areas – Please remind your areas to review their Online Health Forms and verify the Camp, Guest Type, and Session/Week fields are correct for campers and leaders. Also review the Area Participation List to view the information that camp currently has for the area. Correct information helps areas receive the correct credit/discount for the Early Commitment Incentive.  
If an area has a camper who has completed the online health form but the form is missing you can search by name for a health form using the Find Health Forms by name report to see if the health form has been associated with another area.  If you have campers who are missing or campers who need their health form moved to a different area, submit this Change Request form so camping can make the appropriate corrections.  If you have questions or need help, contact Camping Services.
WFR Camp Scholarships available – WFR still has scholarships available for Canyon week 8 and all weeks of Creekside, for campers ABOVE R2 contract. Seethis email for more details and information. 
Volunteer Screening Compliance – Please have your area offices check to make sure that their staff & volunteers are all current with their volunteer screening. Let’s make sure that we are in 100% compliance to ensure the safety of kids in your regions. Regions can pull a compliance report HERE.
Take a look at this awesome area development resource!
Important Dates to Note!
Regional Calendar
*We have added a “Wyldlife” page to our blog!

August 10-18: Montana Fair in Billings
Sept 7-9: Fall Leader and Committee Weekend in Bozeman
Sept 21-23: YL College Camp at Creekside
October 26-28: Young Life Regional Fall Camp
Keith’s Travel Schedule
July 23: Trip to Sheridan
August 17-18: Trip to Ennis
August 19-20: RLT Meeting in Bozeman
August 19-21: Dillon Jump Start
Sept 5-7: Divisional Fall Meeting
Kaitlyn’s Travel Schedule
July 25-28: In Pennsylvania
August 19-20: RLT Meeting in Bozeman 
Sept 12-16: In New Orleans

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