The Season of Lent: Preparing our hearts for Easter


Sometimes a pause is good for the soul. It gives us the chance to regroup, reflect, and refocus on God. It is good to take the time to read and meditate on scripture and pray about how God a can apply it to your day. Pausing in this way will help you carve out time for God and refresh your spirit even in the midst of a busy life. You may find yourself sensing God’s presence in a new way and discovering that God wants to meet you in the midst of your life as it is, muddles and all.  The app has a devotional reading plan  for this Lenten season. Lent starts March 1 or Ash Wednesday and concludes April 15th (In Western Churches.)

Upcoming Dates

March 1st-Work Crew applications due online and the priority you want them to be in emailed to Shannon.

March 2nd- Mission-wide day of prayer

March 3-5 All region Ski trip to Silver Mountain

March 10- Regional Conference Call

March 23-24 Regional Staff Overnight in Big Sky

March 31-Apr 2  Regional Women’s Retreat in Whitefish

May 5-7 Staff & Spouse weekend


Work Crew is an online Process- Due March 1st

Staff and volunteers can submit a recommendation to start the work crew application process. Applications from your applicants are due March 1st. Please follow up with your applicants to make sure they have completed the online application that was sent to them. Here is a list of 2017-volunteer-session-dates to keep in mind for availability. The more availability your applicant has will open up more opportunities for them to receive a spot.

  1. Login to the Young Life Camp Reservation System.
  2. Click the Camp Volunteers & Guests link on the top menu (see picture below).
  3. Click the  WC Recommendation link on the right navigation bar (see picture below)
  4. Complete both pages of the work crew recommendation. NOTE: You will need to enter an email address for the applicant.
  5. Click the Submit button when done.
  6. When the recommendation is submitted, an email will be sent to the applicant with a link to complete the application. (The recommender also receives the application link via email.)


View Online Recommendations and Applications for Your Area

  1. Login to the Young Life Camp Reservation System.
  2. Select Work Crew Applicants on the top menu. (Note: Click any column header to sort by that column.)
  3. Click the applicant’s name to view their application and recommendation.
  4. Click the Awaiting Application link to open the applicant’s incomplete application. (Note: The URL for each application is unique. If the applicant loses the link to his or her application, you may email him or her this unique URL.)

Reporting your Camp Statistics – N Forms

If an area or region hosts any kind of overnight camp at a location other than a YL owned property, each area should submit an online “N-form” (YL-6221) afterwards to report the camp stats to the YL Camping Services Department.  These N-form stats get added to national camping statistics.

You can submit stats for a variety of different event types:

  •          Outreach camping
  •          Adventure/wilderness camping
  •          Discipleship
  •          YL Training Events
  •          Family camping
  •          Leadership Development for training YL Leaders
  •          Service/Work projects
  •          Retreats for solitude or creating community
Please encourage your areas to report their camping statistics when they camp outside of Young Life properties. Submitting these forms will increase the camping statistics for your region.  If you have questions, contact Ben Milner in camping services.

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