7 Resources You Can Use Right Now.

Seven Resources You Can Use Right Now

Hey there friends, I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I’d like. I’m in max-hustle mode especially as I try to finish my PhD thesis by January (fingers crossed). But, I’ve been cranking along as I normally do making things for my club and my area that might also be helpful for others. So rather than making seven individual posts, below are seven things you might be able to use… all wrapped into one post. I hope they are helpful! Blessings on all the amazing work you do my friends!
1. Marshmallow Club
Two weeks ago we did Marshmallow club. We are still finding marshmallows in our club room and digging them out of our carpet, but it was a blast. You can find the club plan HERE.
2. Froyo Club
Nothing is as cool as frozen yogurt, well OK… maybe lots of things are. But, we still have a great plan for Froyo club. I tried to get a frozen yogurt machine brought in for club but it didn’t work out, maybe you can pull that off! You can find the club plan HERE.
3. New Spotify Playlist for Club 2016-17
In my history with YL (which began in the early 90s!) I can’t remember a time which was more difficult to find great club songs that are sing-able and also are clean. When will Taylor Swift please come out with a new album?!? Maybe Kelly Clarkson will make a comeback? Probably not. In the meantime I’ve created a playlist for background music for my club. While I did my best to sort out sketchy stuff I’m sure it isn’t perfect, use your own discretion. You can find the playlist HERE.
4. Tutorial using Typorama to make YL graphics for social media
While we shouldn’t over-rely on social media for communication, we all know it is important. Social media requires great graphics. I would love to know what you are using to make your graphics. In the meantime, here is what I am using right now: Typorama. You can find a short tutorial I made HERE.
5. Snapchat YL promo ideas
I’ve received a ton of feedback about Snapchat Geofilters for club (original post on how to make them in 6 steps HERE). Thank you for the messages! One YL leader showed me the analytics from his event were their YL Geofilter received 10,000 views for one event. Wow. Here are some creative uses I’ve heard about:
-Set up a Geofilter at the school at lunch (of before school) when you are doing contact work. Kids who are just using Snapchat at that time will see your Geofilter too (even if they don’t use it).
-Set up a Geofilter for a big event like a football game or a school dance (Homecoming, etc.)
-Create a contest or a game where kids need to use the Geofilter you set up and then send you a screen shot of them using it. You could use this to win a t-shirt, money off of weekend camp, or pretty much anything.
6. Free Snapchat Geofilters
I ran a brief contest for a generic YL Geofilter for Homecoming. You can find the winning design HERE. Thanks Josh Roubik from Flagstaff WyldLife!
Big thanks to Brad Voight (@BradVoigt) for providing these simple YL and WL Geofilters for all to use. Dropbox with the files HERE).
7. Gospel of Matthew Talk Helps: Talk Tuesday!
Last year I went through the Gospel of John and passed along some tips and ideas for club talks. This year I am going through the Gospel of Matthew. I try to do it on Tuesdays (hence, Talk Tuesday!) but sometimes it ends up being Talk Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday… You get the idea. I have switched from Periscope to Facebook LIVE. Facebook LIVE seems to be a much better platform and gets much more engagement. The YouTube videos have over 1500 views, so glad I could help 1500 club talks in the last year just a little bit with these videos! You can find the full details HERE and the YouTube list HERE.
Think ideas like these might help another leader in your club, your area, your region, or maybe someone who just became a leader? Consider signing them up to get emails automatically HERE (with their permission!)

January info

Upcoming Dates

Jan 20-  Regional Conference Call 9 am

Jan 20- Inauguration Day

Jan 24-26 Montana Full time Staff Spiritual Retreat

Jan 27- Regional Prayer Call

Jan 27-29 Student Staff Weekend

Feb 1- R2 for Winter Ski camp at Silver Mountain

Spring Talk Sequence

Here is the  Talk Sequence Spring 2017 for this upcoming spring semester. It is also in the staff & Leader resource page on this blog.

Camp Trip Web Tool on your msite

Do you know how to promote your summer camp trip on mSites?
Learn how to add a camp trip web part, update last year’s trip and enable kids and parents to pay you directly.

What about fall or winter weekend camp trips?

Follow the same instructions as building a summer camp page, but make sure to check the Activity Forms box marked for fall/winter camping at the bottom of the Web Part editing box.

Your area has four different camp trips to three different locations. What to do?
Create a new page for each trip using these instructions, and then add them to your top navigation for high visibility!

If you need help adding this to your msite, please contact Shannon.

Inactive Msites

Don’t forget!  Msites that have not edited in the past 6 months or longer will be archived and deleted. This Process will begin in March of 2017.  Please update your msite.  Here are some great msite “how to” resources to help you learn more about updating msites. 
If you are experiencing technical issues with your mSite please contact The Help Desk. If you need mSite content ideas please contact Web Solutions

 Camp Flyers

The Service Center provides Camp Flyers at not cost to areas (3 x the number of camp spots you have reserved) and here is the link to order them. Here is the flyer-template to input your information. If you need help putting this together, contact Shannon or Anna.

Purchasing Discounts

Young Life has several discount codes for purchasing computer software, hardware, and cell phones.  Refer to this recently updated Purchasing Discounts resource for an overview of discounts.  For more information about these discounts contact the Help Desk at 877-957-2435.