Merry Christmas!

Praying you have a Wonderful Christmas and New years with family and friends!

Upcoming Dates

Dec 23- RSVP for Moose Lake staff Retreat

Dec 23- Regional Prayer Call

Dec23- Christmas Eve observed- Young life Holiday

Dec 26- Christmas Day observed- Young Life holiday

Dec 31-End of Year Giving Deadlines.

Jan 1-Camps begin to accept summer staff applications.

Jan 2- RSVP for Adult guest spots at Malibu club due

Jan 2- RSVP for Dippin Dots due

Jan 2-Young Life paid holiday – New Year’s Day (observed)

Jan 13- Regional Conference call

Jan 16-Camp Directors confirm assigned team work crew spots for each session(see below)

Jan 16-Young Life holiday – Martin Luther King Day

Jan 24-26 Moose Lake Retreat

Jan 27-29 MT Student Staff Retreat

Jan 31- W2’s available on staff resources

Feb 1- R2 due for winter ski camp March 3-5  Action Item: email Anna your cost and mailing address and she will edit the flyer for you.

Assignment Team Work Crew Spots
10% of work crew spots are reserved each session for the Assignment Team.   Once the Camp Director is determined for each session, the camp will send an email informing them of the male/female breakdown of that 10%, and ask them to confirm/deny those work crew spots by January 16. The Region must still approve the camp directors’ choice applicants, by wait listing the candidates in the camp session.

Dec 15, 2016

Submitting Work Crew Recommendations and Applications

Please encourage your areas to invite kids to serve on work crew.  As a reminder to apply for work crew, leaders must fill out a recommendation and kids must complete a work crew application.  Here are step-by-step instructions explaining how to submit these forms.  These Work Crew 2017 resources can also help answer many questions your staff might be having about the Work Crew process.  
Work Crew process starts with you filling out a recommendation for him/her and then he/she will be sent an application automatically. Please help them with the dates they enter since different camps have different dates for each session and he would want to make is availability for several camps. Here is the 2017-volunteer-session-dates. Call Shannon if you need more explanation.

Calendar Year-End (December) Deadlines

In order for contributions to be included for the current calendar year (December), please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Regular Mail (checks only): Must be POSTMARKED by 12/31/2016 and should be mailed to Young Life, PO Box 70065, Prescott, AZ  86304-7065. These postmarked items must be received by Jan. 6, 2017, in order for donors to see the gift on their 2016 donor contribution statement; we advise sending those final items via overnight or two- day service to ensure delivery in time. Please also encourage your donors to mail last minute funds directly to AZ instead of your area or encourage them to give online.Do not send priority packages to the PO Box as this will result in additional delays in processing. See below address for where to send these packages.
  • Overnight or Other Special Delivery Items (checks only): Must be received by Jan. 6, 2017, and should be mailed to CDS-Attn: Young Life, 2286 Crosswind Drive, Suite A, Prescott, AZ  86301, to ensure it is received by the deadline. Please note that USPS cannot guarantee overnight delivery; we recommend using UPS or FedEx to guarantee your funds are received by the deadline.
  • One-Time EFT and Credit Card Donations/Payments (via paper forms): Per IRS regulations, the donor has to be charged for electronic gifts by Dec. 31, 2016, for this to count as a 2016 donation. EFT/credit card items received after Dec. 31, 2016, (last business day of 2016) cannot be processed as a 2016 donation. In the case of a last-minute EFT/credit card gift, please contact Income Processing via phone by 5 p.m. MST on Dec. 30, 2016, so we can process this in time. You can also encourage your donors to give online (see below.) Please submit credit card donation forms via certified (or other trackable courier service) as this is required by credit card regulations. These items should be sent to the AZ address.
  • Last-Minute Gifts: If a donor comes to you with a last-minute gift and you are not able to meet the deadlines mentioned above, please encourage him or her to go online and give via credit card (not EFT). Online credit card gifts can be received through midnight (Eastern time) on Dec. 31, 2016.

Questions? Contact Income Processing at 877-438-9572.

Dec 8, 2016

Regional Calendar Access

The regional google calendar should show up on the google calendar page under “other” calendars and you can add it there. I gave access to all the staff and volunteer ad’s. You can also go to other calendars and add this url. It works best if you have a google account. If you have issues, please give me a call.

Custom Giving URLs

The Event Solutions team is excited to launch the new Custom Giving URL tool! Custom URLs will be available for personal and area customization starting Monday, December 5th. The custom URLs are first-come, first-serve, so check in Monday Morning or use this URL request link starting December 5th to request yours! These URLs can be used for:

-Print materials (business cards, event invitations, etc.)
-Personal case statements
-Meeting with donors

Check out these examples below:

Please remember that this service is for donations only, and cannot be used in lieu of registration software. Please allow 2-3 business days for the creation of your link. For more information or questions contact the Event Solutions team.

Dec 1, 2016 Regional info

Upcoming dates

Dec 1- R1 for 2017 summer camp due

Dec 1- R1 for Winter camp at Kellogg, ID(email Shannon how many spots you want)

Dec 2- Year end newsletter should be mailed no later than Dec 2

Dec 9- Regional Conference Call

Dec 15- Leadership I & II mid year evaluations due


Serve with Beyond Malibu


Serving with Beyond Malibu is a very unique opportunity to serve within Young Life Camping. Former staff would say that during their time serving they experienced a refuge to grow with Christ and learned what it means to work hard and build deep Christian community, among many other things. All summer staff positions at Beyond Malibu are a full summer commitment and all positions are volunteer. There are resources available to raise support if that is of concern. Our applications are available on the Beyond Malibu website Beyond Malibu Staff Application.

For Mountain and Sea Kayaking Guide Staff positions:

  • We are looking for YL leaders who are over 21 with 2 years of ministry experience. (Being a YL leader is not a requirement but leading small groups in a ministry context and a passion for sharing the Gospel with young people is.)
  • The commitment is for two summers plus 4 trainings in the spring prior to each summer.
  • It takes a special kind of leader at a certain point in their life/faith journey to commit to guiding. No previous mountaineering or sea kayaking skills are required, but desire to learn these skills is.
  • Applications due January 1st

For Base Camp Staff positions:

  • We are looking for mature leaders 18 and older with a desire to serve and grow in their faith.
  • The commitment is for one full summer plus one training weekend in the spring.
  • Applications Due January 15th

Please encourage any leaders who you think would grow from this experience to prayerfully consider. For more details direct leaders to our website Serve with Beyond, BLOG and share this Video or call us to connect with a former staff person and to find out more 206-525-0791.

Adult Guests

Now is the time to also be thinking about adult guests, these are people that go to camp and enjoy a week, seeing the ministry first hand. Even though Registration and Recommendations can be submitted as early as December 1, we want you to start asking your potential adult guests now. The spots are at a first-come, first served basis.

There is a sense you can’t get Adult Guest spots. adult-guest-hostWell, you can with some foresight and planning. You can get them by getting an application in on December 1 or soon after. Every single Area can get Adult Guests spots with work.

These forms can be found by clicking here. Once you have completed them, please send them to Shannon for approval and forwarding. Thanks!

Data & Security

What if your Young Life office was broken into and your computers were stolen? Would the information on those computers be secure? Office break-ins are not uncommon and regardless of where we are, we all have to be vigilant in securing laptops, smart phones, and other electronic devices and paper files that contain personal and confidential information by implementing appropriate safeguards.

Several Young Life offices and vehicles have recently been broken into and items have been stolen. In this growing age of technology, electronics have increasingly become the target of many thieves. In our ongoing efforts to help staff protect confidential information related to our ministry, kids and donors, we want to provide you with some essential steps you should take to protect the confidential information stored in your offices and on your personal devices.

All computers, laptops, external drives including thumb drives, iPads and cellphones used for Young Life ministry must have a log-in password to protect confidential information.

Electronic data files containing confidential donor, camper, staff and volunteer sensitive information must be password protected and/or encrypted.

Paper files containing confidential and sensitive donor, camper, staff and volunteer personnel and medical information must be stored in a locked area.

Confidential and sensitive information and files (paper or electronic) includes:
-Medical records and health information of staff, volunteers and kids; this includes Health and Consent forms.
-Donor lists and donor contributions.
-Copies of checks, credit or debit card numbers, and any individual’s bank routing and account number.
-Driver’s license numbers.
-Social Security numbers.
-Copies of anyone’s passport or national identity card or passport/national identity numbers.

We will provide you with additional guidance and steps to help protect the confidential information of kids, donors, staff and volunteers as we continue working to enhance our infrastructure. In the meantime, should you have further questions about protecting confidential information, please feel free to contact the Risk Management department at 719-867-3600.

Prayer Requests and Praises

Jenny Dow’s grandpa went to be with Jesus Thanksgiving day. Please pray for her as she is in Milwaukee with family for the funeral.

Praise- My daughter is recovering miraculously well from a very long & scary labor and delivery. She lost 2 pints of blood during the c section:(  Just had to share a pic