Are your leaders compliant??

Psalm 119:30

I have chosen to be faithful;
I have determined to live by your regulations.
All through Psalm 119, the psalmist tells about how God’s commandments & instructions revives us, gives us hope, comfort and joy. Find delight in His word today:)

Upcoming Due Dates

  • October 25 – Divisional GPS Day
  • October 28- Regional Prayer Call 9-9:30am
  • October 31 – Update Volunteer Accounts
  • October 31 – Update YL Access Account

Update Your Area’s Volunteer Accounts Before October 31!

On October 31, Young Life volunteer accounts in Staff Resources will expire. Please review your list of volunteers and update active volunteer expiration dates to 10/31/17. Volunteers with expired accounts are not allowed to work with kids, will have their P Cards deactivated, and will no longer have access to Staff Resources.

Don’t miss this! Expiring Volunteer Accounts = Inactive Concur Users (card holders and approvers). So if a volunteer account expires, the associated Concur user and P Card will become inactive as well.

Here are instructions on how to update volunteer accounts in the volunteer manager application.

Action Item: Update volunteer accounts by October 31st.

New this year is the Confidentiality Agreement

New this year is the Confidentiality Agreement that we will need all volunteer leaders and staff to complete on staff resources. It should pop up on the first screen when they sign in. Please look at your staff volunteer rosters and see if all other screenings have expired or still need to be completed by current leaders. Background Checks and Faith & Conduct must be completed before leaders can do contact work with kids. Also, Driver’s Questionnaires need to be completed if volunteers are driving kids to or from YL events.

Fall GPS Update

It’s GPS season again! Starting this weekend on October 15, you can update your GPS statistics. Our goal is to have every ministry in the Northwestern Division updated by the end of the day onTuesday, October 25. Note: we are asking if you are busy on October 25 that you complete the process between October 15-24.gps

Here’s what to do:

1.Open GPS on Staff Resources by clickingthis link.

2. Click the tab for Committee Information.
– List your committee chair – if the name is not correct update the chair in volunteer manager.
– Edit the number of committee members.
– Edit the number of ministry support team members.

3. Click the Open Clubs tab and review your area’s clubs and ministries. Be sure each ministry meets the 5 CRITERIA THAT DEFINE A MINISTRY. If you need to open, close, or transfer a ministry in your area, complete this form before October 25. Only regional offices can change the ministries listed on this page.

4. Click the Edit Statistics icon and update your ministry stats. Hovering over the column titles will give you a description of each field. If you want to put “0” for Average kids, Total Club Cards, Average Discipleship, or Leaders please contact the region – we may need to close the ministry if all of the criteria are not being met

5. A few new things for this year in GPS:
– For each ministry be sure to specify if the ministry team leader is a full-time staff person, a part-time YL staff person, or a YL volunteer.
– Click on the ministry name and make sure if the ministry is a “multi-cultural ministry” that the “yes” option is selected.
– If a ministry is a club beyond (YL Military ministry), click the ministry name and select Edit and switch the ministry type to “Club Beyond”.

6. Click Update Statistics when you are finished (or your work will be lost).



Action Item: Update your areas GPS by October 25th.

Payroll/Title Confirmation

Within the next week you will receive access to your 2016-2017 Cash Flow. With the start of the new fiscal year there were a number of changes to compensation levels and titles. Please take a second to check your October paycheck and confirm everything is correct. If changes need to be made, please contact Keith or Shannon.

Title changes are still being processed but should be complete by month end, please do not contact the service center regarding a title change.

Updating Your Young Life Access Account

As mentioned previously in the Monday Morning, by October 31, all “owners” of area Young Life Access accounts need to complete this information accordingly. This form will update your account. If you’re unsure if you’re the “owner” of your account, log into Young Life Access and your profile will say “owner,” “admin,” or “user.” This update is only for “owners”!

Please complete this form. Once completed, an email will be sent after your changes are made.Please fill out the form even if your area’s owner has not changed. Please email Leigh Winans, the administrator for all Young Life Access accounts, with any questions!

Action Item: All Young Life Access owners need to update their account by October 31st.

Critical Counting Collection Commences Oct 15

GPS reporting day Oct 25

In years past GPS reporting for October has opened on October 1st. This year GPS will open October 15th. We will have our Divisional GPS Day on Tuesday October 25th. Our goal is to have every ministry in the Division updated by the end of business on Tuesday October 25th.
Here are a few helpful links:
Our Information Services team is working hard to upgrade the GPS (YL ministry stats) application for this fall. We will see some new features like:

1. Updates to the “add locations and ministries” functionality, making it easier to add new schools
2. A new way to designate multi-cultural ministry separate from the size of a community, allowing for multi-cultural ministries in a non-urban setting
3. Connecting attributes such as Wyldlife or Capernaum, to ministries instead of clubs

Leader Screening updated by October 31

New this year is the confidentiality agreement that we will need all volunteer leaders to complete on staff resources. It should pop up on the first screen when they sign in. Please look at your staff volunteer rosters and see if screenings have expired or still need to be completed by current leaders. Please also go to your volunteer manager and expire any leaders who are no longer serving in the area. You just click edit at the far right of their name and change the expiration date to tomorrow.

October 31st Volunteer accounts

will expire so we need to update the expiration dates for all current leaders. You can change multiple leaders by going into Mission Security on Internet explorer 10 or older. Let Shannon know if you need help with this.

Talk Sequence for Falls clubs

Here is a great resource for fall talks at club.

Guest Registration

– This Adult Guest Registration form must be completed by a Young Life staff member or volunteer on behalf of the potential summer adult guest.
– All adult guest reservation requests are subject to availability.
– Adult guests must be approved by the regional office. It is the responsibility of the area office to send the registration to the regional office for review.
Applications are accepted at any time on a first -come, first serve basis. Staff can hold up to 2 rooms without guest names for up to 60 days or until till March 1, whichever comes first. For more details, you can check out this page.

Young Life Store Christmas Catalog

 The Young Life Store Christmas catalog for 2016 is now available. September & October are great times to get your custom orders in so you get everything on time. Bonus for ordering early is that they are giving away some Patagonia Better Sweater jackets! Take a look and place your orders today for your donors, staff, thank you gifts and leader gifts! Not seeing what you want? Give them a call at   1-800-266-1665.

My Apologies

I completely spaced the prayer call that we moved to Sept. 30th. Please forgive me. I am praying for you all!! We will catch up next month:)