Happy 4th of July!


Hi all,

Praying you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend with friends and family! Monday the 4th is a Young Life Holiday.

Couple Reminders

  1. Leader Compliance for your leaders going to camp on staff resources(staff Volunteer Roster is best place to see if they are all compliant) and Leader Training on YLAccess(Call me if you need help).
  2.  When traveling, call the number on the back of your p-card to let them know.
  3. If you are going on vacation, let Keith know and also put an out of office on your phone and email.
  4. Keep pursuing kids to take to camp and give your leaders a vision to keep reaching out to kids.
  5. Enjoy this incredible state God has blessed us to live in!
  6. Shannon is on vacation July 4-9 and will be out of cell and internet range for most of that time.

Camping is in full swing!

Praying for camp trips

Please be praying for the following camps:

Lodge Grass at Lost Canyon- May 29-June 5

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch – June 5-9

Billings, Cody at Malibu- June 9-17

 Important deadlines

Past Due- Regional Calendar Input 

June 12- Area Ministry Calendar due

June 15– Senior Contact info submitted through contacts, camp trip mgr or spreadsheet

Team Leader Job Description

Here is the Team Leader Job Description. We will be having an overnight October 1-2 just for Team Leaders at Fairmont Hot Springs so let them know so they can save the date.

An exciting new Online Health Form feature for you!!!!

Instructions to print this form:

  • Login to the  Camping Health Consent and Release application using the Admin Login in the upper right hand side. (If you don’t know about this, someone from your area should have permission to access the Admin portal so they can check all the forms. Call your regional office for training if this is unknown to all leadership in your area, particularly if you are a volunteer lead area.)
  • Navigate to the Current Year Tab
  • View the upcoming trip (using filters if necessary)
  • Select individual campers using the checkbox by their name (or the select all checkbox in the upper right hand corner) to select all individuals on this trip
  • Click the Print button
  • Click Selected Travel Short Form:

This will generate a PDF in a new tab for the trip leader to print. Please note that these forms need to be printed one sided, so that every camper/leader has their own page because of the HIPAA information that is shown. If the camper has started a form, but it is not yet complete, an “Incomplete” watermark will be shown across the page and limited information will be printed on the form.

Please note that we do not want these pages at camp. This functionality is simply to cover your travel to and from camp.

More information on Health Forms: