April 28, 2016

Prayer call Friday, April 29, 9:15am: Send Prayer Requests

Topic: Prayer call Friday 9:15am
Time: Apr 29, 2016 9:15 AM (GMT-6:00) Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/1482470594
Or join by phone:
    Dial: +1 (605) 562-3185
    Meeting ID: 148 247 0594

YL Regional Eastern Women’s weekend April 29-May 1

We still have room for a couple more ladies. Our Eastern retreat will be April 29-May 1 in Story, WY. Becky Brown will be hosting us at her beautiful retreat center the Hitchin’ Post Lodge. There will be wonderful food, plenty of relaxation, fellowshipping and refreshing in the Lord.We will arrive around 7pm on Friday and depart around 10am on Sunday. Register here.

GPS- May 6th reporting day

We as a division will be reporting on May 6th for GPS. I will be available all day to answer questions, explain what is asked,

Please remember to click update when you are done and remember the committee tab.

Budgets due May 30

  • attend a Cash Flow Budget Training in May. The dates and times are as follows:
    • Tuesday, May 10th at 11am MDT
    • Wednesday, May 11th at 1pm MDT
    • Thursday, May 19th at 10am MDT
    • Friday, May 20th at 9am MDT
    • Monday, May 23rd at 10a MDT
  • Let us know what call you will be on
  • Go over budget with committee chair


Are you the Trip Leader in your area?

Need to train your leaders going to camp? Here is the link on how to get started.


Team Leader, Teacher, Committee Chair overnight

R1 is due June 1. Just email Shannon your number. Would be great to know who you are bringing, i.e. 3 team leaders, 1 committee chair, 2 teachers. R2 will be due September 1. Please get the word out to your people.

Is Your P Card Ready for Camp?

Our friend Lori Kiel in the Accounts Payable Department has some great thoughts on P Cards for the summer.
As camping season is rapidly approaching and staff are preparing to travel to Young Life Camps with their excited campers, we’d like to share some helpful hints as you prepare for your trips!
P Card for Volunteers
Do you have volunteers taking kids to camp this year that will need to pay for YL camp expenses while traveling?  Consider requesting a P Card for these volunteers to assist them while traveling to and from camp.  You can set the P Card limits on the card to the specific needs of your volunteer. Regional Admins set up volunteers with P Cards the same way staff are set up with a P Card.  Be sure to allow 5-7 business days to get someone a P Card. Call/Email P Cards if you need assistance.
P Card Increase
Does your P Card need an increased spending limit to cover large expenses like a bus deposit/bill, stops along the way to camp with the kids (i.e. amusement park, rafting, hotel, etc.)?  The P Card Team needs an increased spending limit request to come in writing from a Regional or Divisional Admin.  Please include the user’s name needing the new profile, the new profile spending amount needed (keep in mind the cards replenish twice per month now), why it’s needed, and how long it’s needed for. FYI call the Bank of America number on the back of your card to find out your spending limit.
P Cards & Travel
Anytime a P Cardholder travels outside of their normal area, Bank of America will put a Fraud Alert on that person’s card.  This freezes the card and will not allow any charge to go through regardless of the amount. This is a preventive measure by the bank until they can contact the cardholder to verify the charges are legitimate.  While this is a great system to have in place to prevent fraud charges, it may cause problems for the Young Life Leader/Staff person when their card is denied.  To prevent this, before traveling outside their home charge area, staff should call the number on the back of their Bank of America P Card and have their account noted with the travel places/cities and dates.
Invoice/Check Requests
Know when your bus balance is due, or other time sensitive bills pertaining to your upcoming camp trip, and submit your check requests accordingly.  Be sure to include a detailed copy of the invoice along with a W9 if needed (this is needed for any services provided).  Processing time for check request is 3 – 5 business days.
In case of emergency we can wire funds to a vendor.  You would need to submit an Invoice request in Concur and make sure to change the Payment Request Type to ‘Wires’.  For a wire to be sent out the same day, you must have the approved request to the P Card team by 10:00 AM MTN time.  You can refer to the Wire Request Quick Reference Guide for assistance.
Email the P Card team or call 719-381-1993 with any questions!

Summer 2016 Beyond Malibu Basecamp Staff Positions Open!

Head Cook and Basecamp Coordinator Positions Open!
Beyond Malibu is still in need of a Head Cook and Basecamp Coordinator to serve at basecamp for summer 2016.  Please help us spread the word!

Serving on Beyond Malibu Basecamp Staff is an incredible ministry opportunity where one experiences spiritual growth by serving others and following Christ in a unique community setting. The positions are volunteer and a full summer commitment.

For job descriptions, applications and more information please visit our website at beyondmalibu.younglife.org or contact us; we would love to connect with you!

We trust the Lord will provide and we need your help to spread the word. Thank you for your consideration and support!

Beyond Malibu • 206-525-0791beyondmalibu@beyondmalibu.younglife.org


April 14, 2016


My beloved, I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness. Jer. 31:3-5

I have engraved you on the palms of My hands. Isaiah 49:16

Dear Young Life staffer, volunteer, friend,

You are greatly loved by the Creator  of the universe! Out of all the glorious things He created, He chose you to be His child, His most intimate relationship in all of creation. When you go out into your day, remember that His love is an inherited characteristic from Him. His Love is in your DNA and the most important thing you can do today is to love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself. Love you all very much and praying you feel the incredible love of God surround you in all you do today. Blessings, Shannon (in Phoenix)

April 22-24 Full Time Staff and Volunteer AD retreat

at Double T Ranch in Clyde Park. May want to print out directions since cell service might be sketchy.

You can come as early as noon on Friday and we will be having our first meal of dinner at 7pm.

MC&U Camp Scholarship Application – DUE FRIDAY

The process is a little different this year as each application will be approved first by your Regional Director. You will hear from your RD if your application is not accepted and from the MC&U Office with further directions if it is. A confirmation e-mail from wufoo along with a copy of your submission will be sent to your e-mail immediately after sending, please be on the lookout.
Please remember this scholarship is for the greatest at risk areas, in order to maximize the funds for areas that need this scholarship we ask that only ministry areas where 55% of the kids involved are kids of color or kids who are from under-resourced, at-risk communities. If your ministry area qualifies please complete the application before April 15th.
UPDATE: Both NPSR & SPSR please use AF91 for the region number.


Action Item: Submit your Camp Scholarship Application before April 15th.
Camp Leader Orientation

YLAccessPlease include Camp Leader Orientation into your camp training this spring. This will be required of all leaders attending Young Life Camp this summer. More information can be found on the staff site here.

Summer Staff at WFR

They also have some Work Crew male positions open, especially for first session. Here is all the information you need for Summer Staff Applications


Work Crew

Male Work Crew at WFR

WFR is aware of conflicts with the academic calendar and would like to accommodate those who would be willing to serve on Work Crew but cannot leave school early to do so.

–          Due to low registration numbers for male Work Crew applicants, new male applicants will now have the option to arrive at camp on the last day of Session 1 Week 1 (as of 4/6 there are 12 male work spots available at both 1st session Canyon and 1 session Creekside)

–          This offer is limited to male applicants for Session 1 at either Creekside or Canyon, who are applying on or after March 30th, 2016. All current applicants must arrive on the first day of their session. Applicants must be willing to remain throughout their session, with no early departures.

–          Adjusted arrival for Canyon is June 17th and adjusted arrival for Creekside is June 15th.  All other Work Crew information and registration process remains the same.

–          Work Crew applicants must be responsible for their own transportation to camp; the shuttle will not be running from PDX on those days. However, they may be able to book a return seat, as space is available.

If you have male work crew that can take advantage of this late arrival option please complete the online recommendation and application.  Please email Chanda the names of the work crew that are applying and what day they will arrive to camp.

Budget Season

The Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget Process is approaching quickly. While we normally begin this process in April of every year, this year the budget process will begin on May 2nd.  Our wonderful team in Information Systems is helping to wrap up some enhancements to the Cash Flow Budget Tool, and so it was worth delaying the budget process just a bit in order to incorporate those enhancements.  Here is the complete budget timeline

April 7, 2016

Upcoming Dates

April 13-15 Keith’s Trip around the state

April 13-18 Shannon out of town

April 15- Multi-cultural Urban camp scholarship due

April 22-24 Full time staff/spouse retreat in Clydehurst

April 30 Taste of Hope YoungLives Billings

Multi Cultural Urban Campership Application due April 15 

Click HERE to fill out the 2016 summer camp scholarship application. They are due April 15.  The process is a little different this year as each application will be approved first by your Regional Director. You will hear from your RD if your application is not accepted and from the MC&U Office with further directions if it is. A confirmation e-mail from wufoo, along with a copy of your submission, will be sent to your e-mail immediately after submitting, please be on the lookout.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the MC&U Office.

 Use Camp Trip Manager

I know that some of you have a tried and true way you have always kept track of your camping information, possibly an excel spreadsheet, or handwritten records, but this year we are wanting everyone to use the camp trip manager on staff resources. It is an amazing application with all kinds of time saving tools to help you keep track of your camp trips. Plus, it allows us to help you on our end & to be in the know. This is also extremely helpful when there is a transition in areas so that when you pass the torch, they have a history to look at and not as much work the next year.

Adult Guest Program


Adults can have “the time of their lives” at camp, too.

Being an adult guest at a Young Life camp is always a tremendous experience for friends of Young Life — people love it! It often changes people from just having an interest in Young Life to a real commitment to our mission. Treat it as a significant opportunity for your area to get adults to be guests at one of our Young Life camps. Here is the registration form for Adult Guests in your area.

Staff-Volunteer Roster and Volunteer Manager Updates

Screening ComplianceIn the month of April, please look at your Staff-Volunteer Roster to follow up with staff and volunteers who may need to update their CBC or Faith & Conduct Statements. Please review your roster and look for any red. This will be a big requirement if any of your volunteers are working at camp this summer on summer staff, work crew or are going as leaders to camp. Please make this a priority.

Also, look at your Volunteer Manager to make sure their account won’t expire during the summer or they won’t be able to sign into their account, but also if they hold a PCard, that expiration is attached to their PCard being active.  Thanks!

Graduating Seniors

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please make every effort to have your senior information turned in to the Off​ice of Alumni and Friends by June 15, 2016.

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 ​Update your Msite

This is a great time of year to update your Area’s mSite. This is a great place for parents and potential campers to go and sign up for camp. While your Area prepares and starts camp sign ups and if it might work better for you to put your sign up links on your mSite instead of Facebook. mSite’s might be a better way for parents to see and stay in the loop with camp information too! For helpful information and ideas, visit the mSite pages on the Staff site, by clicking here.