January 28, 2016

Due Dates

Adult Guest Applications due asap

Jan 29 Regional Prayer Call

Feb 12 Regional Conference Call

Feb 15 Presidents Day YL Holiday

Feb 25 Work Crew Applications Completed and priority list sent to Shannon

Mar 1 Mission Wide Day of Prayer

Mar 1-3 AT Training

Ski Trip Forms

Here are the forms you will need for your Ski trips. Leaders must fill these out as well. Print form and fax to (719) 867-3581 or email to insurance@sc.younglife.org prior to the trip. For questions, contact (719) 381-1957.


1732A Snow Skiing Enrollment Instructions,

One form for the whole trip- 1733 SnowSport Enroll Summary-1

Helmets: If Young Life insurance is purchased for the trip, it is required that the participant wear a helmet. Areas can order a safe, inexpensive helmet through SnowShack. For a single/small purchase, use coupon code YNGLFE15 for a 15 percent discount. For orders of six or more, use coupon code YNGLFE20FOR6 for the discount.


Work Crew Training

Billings is doing a three week program highlighting three themes, Service, Fellowship, and Prayer/Personal relationship with Jesus.
 The first week will be sort of an intro, we’ll be asking them questions about what they hope to get out of work crew, start discussing their testimonies, and passing out journals in addition to discussion about service and how that relates to our walk with Christ.  Attached is the Work Crew Training outline that Tensy and Becca are using to help them keep on track, along with the Work Crew Training 2016 that they will pass out to the kids.
Here the Work Crew Training Handbook that can be found online and the Application for Work Crew (YL-6005). They prefer students to fill out the online application however I am printing them out copies so that they can look over the questions and discuss them with us if they have any questions.
Becca Mueller

Good news for all:

The Young Life Benefits Plan ended the 2014-15 fiscal year with a surplus, a portion of which Mission leadership has determined should be returned to the field by issuing a benefits premium refund and/or by setting aside funds for benevolence assistance. The fact of a surplus is pretty remarkable, especially considering premiums have remained flat over the last five years while most organizations have experienced skyrocketing premium increases. We are blessed to have such a well-managed, generous benefits program.

Action for some:

  • If you are responsible for a mission unit that is less than 1.0 cash month ahead at the end of January 2016, your area will automatically receive a refund of your January premium.
  • If you are responsible for a mission unit that is in surplus 1.0 cash month or more at the end of January 2016, you have a choice to make: you do nothing and allow 50% of your premium refund to be used for staff benevolence assistance or you can keep 100% or give 100%.

How Much Money will I get back?

Direct staff to look at their cash flow and then find the “GROUP BENEFITS 5230” line to see how much has been paid each month for benefits.  The amount that will be refunded is the amount that is paid for benefits in January.  As of today that number is not posting in the January column yet (that amount usually gets populated right at the end of the month).  But most folks can look at how much has come out the past three months to see what that monthly amount will be in January.

Instructions on how to elect a different option, along with more information about the program, is available in the attached document. The deadline is end of day Friday February 19,2016  For questions or assistance, contact your regional office or Holly Pettit, Manager of Field Administration.

Dinner Fundraising Ideas

Adam Silverness has put together an outline on the fundraising dinners he has been doing in Bozeman. Great Best Practices!

Regional Financial Policy

In the past few years we have worked hard to make a shift from operating out of a place to deficit to a place of fiscal health and we have committed as a Division to stay above -0- cash months (cm) throughout the year.  As a result we are currently one of the healthiest Divisions in the Country and have seen a significant reduction in deficit experienced on Regional and local levels. The intent of this policy is to embrace a ‘checkbook mentality’ in our financial stewardship while still being able to dream and risk as we reach out to new communities and more kids.   Simply, “we won’t spend money we don’t have”.  Our Divisional commitment is to have our Cash Flow ebb and flow between 0.0 (cm) – 2.0 (cm) monthly surplus or more over the course of the fiscal year. Here is the regional financial policy.

Coding in Concur

If you are fundraising for operating, you can use the expense account #6425 operating fundraising and there will not be a service charge on those expenses. Fundraising for camp should go to expense account #6255 camp.

 Events around the region to pray for

Feb 8 Big Sky Banquet

Feb 12-15 Cody Ski Trip

Feb 19-21 Flathead Ski Trip

Feb 19-21 Regional Board overnighter

March 4-6 Billings Campaigners ski weekend





Welcome Back Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YL75 MT:ID:WY together again

Back from YL75

What an amazing time in Orlando spending time together with the staff in the region and getting rejuvenated for this upcoming semester. Also great to put faces with people from the service center who help us with the everyday ins and outs of ministry. We are so blessed to have such amazing support from them! So many good speakers charging us to not forget about those kids on the fringe or taking the time to care for our spiritual health so we are fulled up to give to others.

Conference call this Friday January 15th 9am

Looking forward to getting together with you all on the conference call. Keith will be sending out the Agenda today.  Below is the call in info:


Topic: MT/WY Regional Conference Call
Time: Jan 15, 2016 9:00 AM

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/1493105093

Or join by phone:

Dial: +1 (605) 562-3185

Meeting ID: 149 310 5093

Work Crew Applications, Recommendations, and Priority Lists: Staff or Volunteer team leader need to fill out the recommendation 1st.


Work StaffOn Thursday, February 25, all recommendations and applications must be in the online Work Crew Camp Reservation System. On that same day, Shannon must also receive an email from your Area with a priority for the placement of your Work Crew applicants.

To find out more about work crew, click here. You’ll notice deadlines at the top, but please follow the deadlines given of February 25th.

Like last year, all work crew submissions start with the recommendation by a staff person. Here is a step-by-step guide to the work crew recommendation and application process.


Second Timers on Work Crew

As a reminder, it is the desire of mission leadership to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to serve on a summer work crew. The work crew experience can be a pivotal time in a kid’s walk with Christ. Giving that opportunity to first-timers is good for the kids and good for the mission.

Please remember on your priority list to be aware of where you’ve placed your second-timers. Our Region should have more than enough first-time applicants to fill all of their allocated spots. Let’s be sure that we are all on the same page giving preference for allocated spots to first-timers and placing second-timers on the wait list.

The Second-Timers on Work Crew Policy:
As regions fill their allocated work crew spots and prioritize their wait list work crew applicants, preference should be given to first-time applicants (those who have not previously served on a nationally-managed summer work crew assignment). Regions that can fill their allocated work crew spots with first-time applicants should do so, placing second-timers on the wait list (prioritized after any remaining first-timers). Regions that do not have enough first-time applicants to fill their allocated work crew spots may place second-timers into these spots once all the first-timers have been placed.


Income Processing Delays

We wanted to alert you of some delays in Financial Services due to the timing of the YL75 Celebration.  The week of January 11th,  Income Processing will finalize December processing and donor receipting.  All December income should be processed by Jan. 15th, with reports being finalized for December shortly after.  Due to this delay, January income, receipting, and reporting will also be delayed.  We will begin January processing the week of the 18th.  Thank you for your patience during this time.  If you have questions regarding donations or other income processing questions, please contact Income Processing at ip@sc.younglife.org.  For all other accounting related inquires, you may contact Mission Assistance at 877-438-9572 and they will direct you to the appropriate person.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday

Martin Luther King JfMonday, January 18 is a Young Life holiday for all full-time staff. It is a day to remember the lasting impact of one great pastor and leader, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please remember to take some time to consider the impact this man has had on our world, our local community, and our lives… and also take some time to relax.  Thank you.

Save the date- April 22-24 Staff couples retreat

We will be spending the weekend at the Double T River Ranch in Clyde Park with guest speaker Lori Hein. Please let your spouses know so you both can start planning child & pet care.