Happy New Year!

images    New Year Holiday

Remember that January 1, 2016, New Year’s Day, is a paid Young Life holiday for all full-time staff. Please take the opportunity to wind down and celebrate all good things that God has done in 2015 and prepare for a fantastic 2016.

From everyone on the Regional Team, Happy New Year!

Office Operations at Year-End

With the New Year’s holiday many of us will be out of the office at various times. At the same time, donors may be trying to get a hold of us to assist with their year-end giving. Here are a few admin/operation requirements to remember:

  • Voicemail: If you are going to be out of the office, change your voicemail to reflect your schedule. You should also let folks, including possible year-end donors, know who to contact in your absence if you will be out of office until after the first of the year.  This is also true for the YL75 Celebration.
  • E-mail: Use the out-of-office/vacation reply option on your email, if you will not be checking email. Again, if you will be out of office until after the first of the year, let folks know who they should contact.
  • Check Office Mail: Someone must check your office mail on Dec. 31 after the drop off time.  If you are out of town, identify someone who can check the mail and overnight donations.
  • Regular Mail:  It is too late to send things regular mail. They must be sent today overnight at Fed ex. The Post office overnight is taking 2-3 days. See address below.
  • Overnight or Other Special Delivery Items: Must be received by noon on January 5, 2016,  and should be mailed to CDS-Attn: Young Life, 2286 Crosswind Drive, Suite A, Prescott,  AZ 86301, to assure it is received by the deadline.  Make sure you use a service that can get it to Prescott, AZ.
  • EFT Donations: Must be received by the en​d of business on December 31, 2015.
  • Credit Card Donations: Must be received by the end of business on December 31, 2015. Please submit credit card donation forms via certified mail (or other trackable courier service) as this is required by PCI guidelines. (In order for Young Life to process credit card donations, we must adhere to PCI guidelines.)
  • Last-Minute Gifts: If a donor comes to you with a last-minute gift and you are not able to meet the deadlines mentioned above, please encourage him or her to go online and give via credit card (not EFT). Online credit card gifts can be received through midnight (Eastern time) on December 31, 2015.

These moves ensure our financial integrity and continued good stewardship. Thank you!

YL75 Celebration Expenses Q&A

Travel Expenses: Please confirm with your direct supervisor regarding expectations for your travel related expenses.
While travelling to and from the YL75 conference, expenses associated with travel can be put on your P Card.  Expenses such as:
·         Baggage fees associated with your trip to the YL75 Celebration.
·         Airport Parking or other transportation fees associated with your trip to the YL75 Celebration.
·         Meals to and from Orlando on travel days.
Be sure to keep track of your receipts and then when you submit your Concur expense report, code these expenses to 6710-2016: Young Life Celebration account for your mission unit.

Preloaded per diem card: Once you check in at the YL75 Celebration, you will receive a preloaded cash card that you should use to pay for your meals and incidentals while you are at the conference.  This is designed to cover meals that are “on your own”.  During the YL75 Celebration, be sure to use this preloaded cash card instead of your P Card!

Do we know how much is on this? It’s to cover non-conference meals, correct? What does that include – a few breakfasts and park day?  $180 is on the per diem card if you are coming for 1/5 – 1/10.  The intent is the card will cover the cost of dinner on 1/5 through breakfast on 1/10.  The per diem card will expire – they haven’t set the exact date but they say if you didn’t spend all your per diem money play it safe and spend all your per diem money by 1/15.

PCards: Any guidelines around when to use this and when not to? Or is this more of an area level question? There are YL75 FAQs where you can read further, but PCard can be used for business expenses in relationship to travelling to Orlando.  Now if you are travelling before or after the conference, those are personal expenses.  So for example, a staff person heads down on 12/30 to visit Florida friends – They will not be using their PCard for parking or meals because this is personal time.  But when they fly home on 1/10, they will buy lunch at chic fil at the Orlando airport and use their PCard.  Field Accounting will be sending out a communication early next week about coding YL75 expenses.  Some expenses for travel and child care can be coded to the YL75 account where they have been setting aside money – again more communication to come later. Keep an eye out.

YL75 Divisional Lunch

 We are only a few days away from being at YL75 together. Our Region has been invited to the YL75 Divisional Lunch. This year, we will be able to gather for the first time as the Northwest Division during Divisional Lunch.
Divisional Lunch: A time to celebrate together, honor field staff, and of course a few surprises. Staff and spouses invited.
When: Saturday, January 9. 11:45-1:30 directly following General Session 6.
Where: TBD. It will be clear the day of where to go.
Dress Code: Please pack a Seahawks jersey (or a jersey from your favorite high school, college, or professional team) to wear to the lunch.

Dec 17, 2015

Upcoming dates

DECEMBER 24: Christmas Eve- YL Holiday
DECEMBER 25: Merry Christmas!
JANAURY 1: New Years Day- YL Holiday
JANUARY 5-10: YL75 In Orlando- Area offices closed
JANAURY 15: Regional Conference Call
JANAURY 18: Martin Luther King Day- YL Holiday



Concur Helpful Hints

Before heading to Florida, call the number on the back of your pcard to let them know your traveling. Also do this with your personal cards.

When you buy gas on the pcard for area business, you need to put in the comment box the departure and arrival towns, miles traveled, and why you were going(staff mtg, etc). They will send it back if you do not include this information.

The Concur app allows you to store store your receipts right when you make your purchase. Just click the camera icon at the bottom, take the shot and then click the check mark. Don’t click expense as it will make a duplicate expense in your next report.

All reimbursements have to have receipts. Reimbursements to volunteers without a pcard need to be done through a check request in the invoice section of Concur.

Young Life Student Leadership Project

Thanks for your good work building the Kingdom! Please help to develop strong leaders in your region by having students apply for the Student Leadership Project.

Dates: Session One: June 21 – July 1
Session Two: July 12 – July 22
Hosted By: Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich.; North Park University in Chicago, Ill.; and Eastern University in Philadelphia, Pa.

The Young Life Student Leadership Project is a 10-day discipleship program for juniors and seniors in high school. Since 2002, 80% of participants in SLP have become volunteers and 20% have gone into full time ministry (see short video, information, and applications at www.younglife.org/slp) .Your region can benefit from this important discipleship program.

Please encourage the staff and club leaders in your region to have the best student leaders in their area apply for SLP. Simply send the Staff and Head Club Leaders in your region a short email with the SLP link (www.younglife.org/slp) and encourage them to have student leaders from their area apply.

SLP would like to have candidates from each region. If you identify an exceptional student from your region, please inform us. Applications are currently being accepted. Selection will begin January 15, 2016.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please reply with questions or comments to Vern Hill slp@younglife.org.

Thank you again for your help.

Peace, Vern Hill

Director Student Leadership Project

slp@younglife.org PH: 612-414-8157

Dec 10,2015

Mailing in Year End Gifts

As we approach the end of the year, it’s critical for both the ministry and our donors that all gifts in our possession as of Dec. 31 are posted in the proper calendar year. This is even more imperative as we plan to head to the YL75 Celebration the first week in January. Any donations received at the area office must be postmarked to our processing center in Arizona by Dec. 31 or the donors will not be able to receive a 2015 donation receipt for their generous gift.


Mail checks to:

Young Life

P.O. Box 70065

Prescott, AZ  86304


Or if you need to send checks via priority/over-night mail services, send to:

CDS-Attn: Young Life

2286 Crosswind Drive, Suite A

Prescott, AZ  86301.

Please check your area office mail on Dec. 31 and mail out any final income to us before you head out to celebrate the New Year and Travel to YL75. Encourage your donors to send their year-end donations as soon as possible in December so they will arrive in your office by Dec 31. If they prefer, they can send their donation directly to Arizona to ensure timely processing.

Attached is a reference that gives some succinct instructions on how donors can give to Young Life for end of year. The idea is this information could be customized for a particular mission unit.

For contributions to be included for the 2015 calendar year, please follow these guidelines (below) which include important due dates for all gifts.

  • Regular Mail: Must be received by the end of business on the last business day on December 31, 2015, and should be mailed to Young Life, PO Box 70065, Prescott, AZ  86304-7065.
  • Overnight or Other Special Delivery Items: Must be received by noon on January 5, 2016,  and should be mailed to CDS-Attn: Young Life, 2286 Crosswind Drive, Suite A, Prescott,  AZ 86301, to assure it is received by the deadline.
  • EFT Donations: Must be received by the en​d of business on December 31, 2015.
  • Credit Card Donations: Must be received by the end of business on December 31, 2015. Please submit credit card donation forms via certified mail (or other trackable courier service) as this is required by PCI guidelines. (In order for Young Life to process credit card donations, we must adhere to PCI guidelines.)
  • Last-Minute Gifts: If a donor comes to you with a last-minute gift and you are not able to meet the deadlines mentioned above, please encourage him or her to go online and give via credit card (not EFT). Online credit card gifts can be received throughmidnight (Eastern time) on December 31, 2015.     

Questions? Contact Income Processing at 719-381-1985

As an additional reminder, submit donations as soon as possible each month to avoid longer processing times at the end of the month and delays in receipts to your donors.


How do I give to Young Life?

Whichever giving method is chosen, it is extremely helpful when the donor includes the Young Life area number on the donation so that our income processing department can ensure the gift is posted to the correct area.

Ways to Give:

  • Mail a check to the area office.

Income processing prefers checks sent directly to the area office so that the area can include the proper giving form (forms 2201, 2202 or 2203), which helps facilitate more efficient processing. All checks are mailed from the area office to Young Life, P.O. Box 70065, Prescott, AZ 86304, or if you need to send checks via priority mail services, send to CDS-Attn: Young Life, 2286 Crosswind Drive, Suite A, Prescott, AZ 86301.


  • Online: giving.younglife.org

Donors can set up recurring gifts and manage them online or give a one-time gift as they feel led. Areas can create custom giving links where their area information is pre-populated to ensure gifts go to the proper area account. Here is some helpful information about creating online giving links, or you can contact the Help Desk to get a custom giving link for your area.


  • Call Income Processing at 877-438-9572 and donors can give either a one-time gift or setup a recurring gift on their credit card or through electronic funds transfer from their bank.


  • Gifts of stock.

A stock gift requires careful coordination between the donor, the donor’s stockbroker, Young Life’s stockbroker and the stock accountant at the Service Center. Here is information about the stock gift process. Please contact the stock accountant at 719-381-1979 or via email at stockgifts@sc.younglife.org to obtain information on how to facilitate this transaction for your donors.


  • Gifts of real estate and planned giving.

For assistance with other types of giving to Young Life, such as planned giving or gifts of real estate, please contact Mission Assistance at 877-438-9572 and they can direct you to the correct department.


Adult Guest Process has Started

Quiet TimeAdult Guests Registrations and Recommendations are now being accepted.  We’ve already received some.  Way to go.

As mentioned last week, these spots are at a first-come, first served basis. These forms can be found by clicking here. Once you have completed them, please send them to Emma for approval and forwarding.

Want to know more about the Adult Guest program or send a plug to your potential guests? There is an Adult Guest Promo. To view, click here. View and send out invites to your potential adult guests!

Dec 4th, 2015

Asking for Directions

Is. 30:21 And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying , This is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left.  In the natural, when you and I travel on the interstate, there are guardrails, signposts, hazard warnings and even digital instructions to help direct us along our journey.  They are all set in place to keep us from accidents, to warn us of potential danger and to show us the way.  If we follow these instructions we will find that we arrive at our destination safe and sound.  The same holds true with our journey through life.  The Holy Spirit puts up spiritual signpost, warnings, guardrails and instructions to guide us through this life so that we can reach our destination safely.  If we listen to and heed these spiritual directions, we will find that we remain right in the center of God’s will for our lives.  Don’t get discouraged with road blocks. God can use them to detour you to a specific plan and destiny that is laid out before us and it’s only when we recognize and then listen to these spiritual signposts that we will fulfill our God given destinies. Blessings, Shannon

Connect with Lapsed Donors

As you put all your efforts into year-end fundraising, please don’t forget to take a look at your lapsed donor report. You can simply find this information by looking at your PPL. Anyone who gave in the calendar year 2014 and has not given in 2015 needs to get a specific ask. Don’t let them slip away. It doesn’t matter the dollar amount. Drop them a letter or give them a call saying, “You gave $20 in 2014. We haven’t heard from you in 2015, would you give $20 as a year-end gift?” If it’s a higher dollar amount you may want to have a personal meeting, if possible. You’ll want to do the same work for those who gave in the past years but have dropped off.

We don’t want donors to lapse. Young Life, as an organization, has an inordinate amount of lapsed donors. Most organizations think about “donors for life”. We have very few donors for life and sometimes, it’s simply because they have fallen off our radar and we haven’t asked. Now is that opportunity to ask.

Camp Flyers

You can order 3x your reserved camp spots in flyer. Here is the link. Here is the Flyer Template where you input your specific camp info.

Adult Guests Spots Now Open

adult guest hostAre you work on identifying Adult Guest’s for the coming summer?  Spots are now open as of yesterday.

Please remember that we are looking for people to provide exposure to Young Life for individuals who can have a significant impact in the development of their local area or on the mission as a whole.   As you consider who to invite to be an adult guest, focus on those who will joyfully engage with all camp activities and events.  The hope is that the Adult Guests have the ability to significantly help the local Area, such as serving through leadership on the Committee. Include those who can influence public opinion about Young Life, such as a school superintendent, principal, head coach or community leader.

The adult guest experience is also for those who can help us in significant ways financially. Focus on your top TDS donors and donor prospects. It’s a way to thank donors and keep them involved. It is a way to further expose people to the ministry who have the capacity to make a major gift to Young Life if their knowledge and interest in Young Life is increased. We must be strategic in our allocation of adult guest spots and this is especially true of our relatives and second time adult guests.  Thanks for your help.

Adult Guest Registration

Summer Adult Guest Reservation Policy

Adult Guest Experience Video

Adult Guest Program Guide

The Benevolence Fund

An Opportunity to Support Your Fellow Staff in Times of Need.
Young Life has a Benevolence Fund that provides staff with financial assistance when facing an unexpected crisis. This fund is entirely supported by YOU, and even a small donation on a regular basis makes a significant difference. Please consider giving a monthly donation from your paycheck or a one-time gift.

Work Crew Applications and Recommendations

The Work Crew process for summer camp should begin now.  Now is the time to talk to kids about the opportunity available to them through Work Crew and to put together your training program.  Work Crew is a wonderful discipleship program and so is Work Crew Training.  It’s an opportunity to challenge kids to the next level in the expression of their faith and to build into them as givers to the Kingdom of God.

Note, these kids who are looking at Work Crew should go through Work Crew training before they turn in their applications. It is possible to start submitting recommendations and applications now. But remember, that means your training should be done and only Applications for qualified candidates should be submitted to the Region.

On Thursday, February 25, all recommendations and applications must be in the online Work Crew Camp Reservation System. On that same day, Shannon must also receive an email from your Area with a priority for the placement of your Work Crew applicants.

To find out more about work crew, click here. You’ll notice deadlines at the top, but please follow the deadlines given through the region.

Like last year, all work crew submissions start with the recommendation by a staff person. Here is a step-by-step guide to the work crew recommendation and application process.

ATeam Mini Camp and Program Team Training

Assignment Team Training is going to look different this year with YL75 happening this January.  There will be a few different training options.  Most folks will be trained for their positions by conference calls, except for the following:

Program Directors: Will have a special training from February 23-25 at Sharptop Cove.  More information coming soon from John Vicary’s office but we wanted you to get these dates to your program teams.

Camp Directors, Speakers, WCC, SSC and Head Head Leaders:  Will be at Crooked Creek Ranch from March 1-3.  This has been posted to the eRegion before.  This will be a Mini Camp for these Assigned Team Leads.  Camp Directors will help determine who attends, so you should also check with them.  At this point, save these date.

Also note that this applies to those serving for the 9th Grade Session at Washington Family Ranch Canyon.