October 14, 2015

OCTOBER 15- NOVEMBER 15: Adult Guest Host resumes submitted via THIS link
OCTOBER 16: Bosses Day!
OCTOBER 23: Camp Allocation for Summer 2016 Finalize and shared w/areas.
OCTOBER 23: Area Work Crew Requests due(see below)
OCTOBER 24: Assigned team allocation goes LIVE!
OCTOBER 31: Volunteer Accounts expire
NOVEMBER 1: Properties will send contracts to Areas
NOVEMBER 11: Veterans Day. YL Holiday
NOVEMBER 26: Thanksgiving. YL Holiday
NOVEMBER 27: YL Holiday
DECEMBER 1: R1 for YL Properties for Summer camp 2016

Area Work Crew Requests are due Oct 23

Area Work Crew Requests site

Work Crew Allocation Schedule – Area requests are due to the Region on October 23. The full schedule is posted on the Work Crew page on Staff Resources.

???????????????Area Requests – Please view the step-by-step instructions. These can also be found on the campRequests Help page. Each Area will provide two pieces of information in their work crew request:

  1. How many kids can serve – the number of guys and girls who will be trained and available to serve on work crew.
  2. Where kids can serve – the sessions where their kids can serve and the number of kids per session.

Session Dates – Click here for work crew session dates. This document is also available on Staff Resources.

Volunteer Leader Accounts expire Oct 31

There edithave been some problems that are connected with Concur and the Volunteer Manager. If you tried to submit your Concur report on the 10th and there is no approval work flow it probably means your approver’s account in Volunteer Manager expired. Please update your Volunteer Manager this month, September, to keep the volunteers on your Staff and Volunteer Roster and those volunteers were listed as Committee and Approvers for your Area, then they were dropped from in Concur as being active approvers and/or card holders.

Please go into Volunteer Manager and update the expirations for all individuals who are still in your Area and grayed out by clicking edit and changing their expiration date manually. Thank you.

Summer Staff Applications

Please send this link to your applicant for the Summer Staff Application. Then you will be sent an email for filling out the recommendation. If you do not get the email, please use the directions below.

Please follow these directions to access the recommendation forms for the summer staff applicants in your area:

  1. Go to the Camp Reservation System on staff resources: https://apps.younglife.org/CampRes/App_Pages/VolunteerGuests/VolunteerGuests.aspx
  2. Under the greenish tan bar on the right side, select “Camp Volunteers and Guests”
  3. Enter your area number and the type of guest, “Summer Staff”
  4. Find your applicant’s name and select, on the far right side, “Awaiting Recommendation”
  5. Complete and Submit the recommendation form

If you have any questions, please call Camping Services at (719) 381-1844 and they will be happy to help you.

Volunteers on Assignment

While we won’t be placing volunteers on assignment teams until November, we are now collecting information on volunteers who would like to serve on Camp Assignment for summer 2015. If you have volunteers in your Area who would like to be on Assignment, HERE is the link to the ‘Volunteers for Assignment’ google doc. We are accepting recommendations now!!

If you would like to request Assignment as part-time staff, please fill out this form. Please complete this request asap.

Summer assignments are where some of the best training is done. You get to see Young Life in action from a number of perspectives. You get to hear from other mission leaders. You get immediate feedback and opportunities for growth. Get your volunteers on an assignment. They will come back as better volunteers.

Thank for having a vision for your people and working to get them on assignment.

Action Item: If applicable, sign up any Volunteers you have who’d like to do Assignment before November 7. 

Part-Time Staff on Assignment

Student Staff MalibuYou filled out a Summer Plan form for yourself, but did you have any of your part-time staff, that may want an assignment this summer, have them fill out that form as well?

If you want your part-time staff person (that is anyone that your Area pays, i.e. Teacher Staff, Student Staff, etc.) to have an assignment, then have them fill out a Summer Plan worksheet before Friday. Click here to complete a Google Form to outline the summer 2016 plans and preferences. You will see that the form is from the Division and they will take that information and use it to help determine assignments for this summer.

The hope is that part-time staff have already filled out this form, but we have found in discussion that some have not completed the form.  That created the last minute nature of this request.

Let’s get those people in your Area that want an assignment, on assignment.

Sept 3, 2015

Just a few quick reminders

Register for the Leader/Committee Weekend at Fairmont. If you need scholarships, Please contact Keith Dow. We need to confirm our numbers of rooms to Fairmont by Sept. 15th.

Full Time Staff –

Time Accrual and Health Club Benefit due Sept. 15th.Health Club form with receipt goes to nonmedicalbenefits@sc.younglife.org and time accrual goes to vacation-sicktime@sc.younglife.org. Call Shannon if you didn’t receive the email with the forms.

YL75 registration is now open. Keep your training dates in mind when registering.

Training registration is now open.The deadline to register is October 15, 2015. Timeline Training this year due to YL75. Below training will be in St. Augustine, FL and they will provide bussing from the Celebration.

  • Area Director School: January 10-16, 2016
  • New Staff Training: January 10-17, 2016
  • Winter Training: January 10-17, 2016