Small Town PreConference

small town pre confernece
I wanted to let you know what’s happening under the SMALL TOWN/RURAL umbrella during the YL75 pre-conference.
We have heard feedback from others, and as a result, we are offering 3 tracks at the Small Town pre-con.
101.  Principles for healthy, effective ministry in Small Town/Rural communities and how to start the next one.
201.  Jumpstarts & Area Development—workshop & detailed discussion on crafting your own.
201.  Resort Towns—roundtable and workshop on overcoming unique challenges.
To attend any of these, register for the Small Town/Rural pre-con.  Then to indicate your preferred track by Dec. 1.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks so much!
Scott Berg
U.S. Director Small Towns/Rural

August 20, 2015

Camp Requests Due tomorrow Aug 21

Just a friendly reminder to submit your camp requests through the camp request website by Tomorrow, Aug 21.

Hints and reminders:

  1. You must fill in all 3 choices. For Young Life You must pick 2 different camps and 3 weeks  and Wyldlife can be the same camp but 3 different weeks.
  2. After you have chosen your weeks, save and then you have the option to invite other areas by clicking the invite button. Areas that are invited can simple accept the invite and not have to enter all the separate trips.
  3. Don’t forgot to input your school end and start dates. You can do this when you are in edit mode.

Fairmont Leader/Committee Weekend is fast approaching.

Please register at this link and pass it on to your leaders and committee. We still have work crew opportunities in child care available. Please contact Shannon if you have any work crew applicants.

Registration is open for staff for the YL75 Celebration. Work Crew spots are available.

Please remember in include travel for your training dates. A bus will take you from the Celebration to the Training in St. Augustine, FL. You can watch this video for helpful hints on how to register.

Work Crew information can be found on this link.

Aug 13, 2015

Budgets Due in Cash Flow Tomorrow, Friday, August 14th

Once you have completed your budget, please go to the top right hand of the screen, click options and then select approve. This will move your budget to the region. Reminder that Budgets must balance, Revenue less Expense must be in the black. Please call Shannon with any questions.

Camp Requests Due next Friday, August 21st

If you are locked out of the Camp Request Site, please contact Shannon and she can unlock your account.

Correctly filling out the Income Processing Donation and Payment forms

I wanted to send you a quick update on how things are progressing with the Income Processing transition to CDS Global.  It’s hard to believe but it has already been 3 months in this new process!  Things are going better than expected in most categories (e.g. processing times are fast, error rates are low), and we continue to see improvements each week.  I’m really encouraged by where we are at this point in the transition!

There is one key area where we need to provide some additional training.  We have seen an increase in processing errors due to incomplete or conflicting information in how the local area completed the Income Processing (IP) form.  With this new process, we rely heavily on clear and accurate forms being provided by the local area.  Our hope is that with a few minor tweaks, Young Life areas will be able to experience a higher level of accuracy in how their payments are processed.

With that in mind, we are providing a few opportunities to help:

  1. IP Hand-Out is a document that highlights some of the most common issues we see in how IP forms are completed.  Many of these are minor adjustments, but they are adjustments that have a big impact.
  2. For those in your region who are interested, there will be a short WebEx session and Q&A on this same information on Friday, August 14th at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time.  Click here to attend (Meeting Number: 926 110 576 / Password: RWOK).

If anyone has any questions on this hand-out, or how to complete IP forms please feel free to reach out to us at or by calling 877-438-9572.

Grace & Peace,

Mike Byron, Director of Accounting Operations

Work Crew Opportunity

We have work crew spots available for the Leader/Committee Weekend Sept. 25-27. We are providing child care during our sessions. Please fill out the work crew application provided here. Work Crew stay for free and get to spend free time at the pool!!

August 6th Weekly Regional update

Hello from Malibu:

We are currently finishing up week 2 at Malibu today and welcoming week 3.  Bozeman Young life has been here this week and their leaders have done a remarkable job.  We have been having an amazing time on assignment.  We get a first hand look at seeing kids lives transformed from when they step off the boat to when they step back on the boat seven days later.  It is astounding to see the way the Lord moves in the lives of our Assignment Team, Work Crew and Summer Staff.

Also, I know that the Lord has been doing some incredible work all over the State this summer and I love hearing all of the life-changing stories.  You are all doing an awesome job!!!!!! Keep up the great work of introducing kids to Christ and helping them grow in their faith.


Keith Dow

Summer 2016 Camp Reservations Due August 21st

Action Item: Due Friday, August 21st, Camp Request 

Additional Step to Camp Request

untitled (18)As you are requesting the various camp trips for your Area, please list in the “Comments Box” on the right side the names of staff that will be attending that camp trip.  This information will be invaluable to us as we do Assigned Team allocation.

We understand that there may be situations where you may not know the names of the staff that will be attending each camp trip and of course the information may change.  The hope would be that you would simple give your best attempt. This will help us determine when you and your staff can/cannot go on Assignment next Summer.

Thank you in advance for your work on this!

FY16 Budget and PPL

Action Item: Due Friday, August 14, Final Budget and PPL to the Regional office.

Run Your Lapsed Donor Report

  1. Log onto Staff Resources and go to the “Giving” report
  2. In ‘Report Type Section’, choose ‘Lapsed Donor Prev Fiscal Year’
  3. Click the green arrow to create the report

Every Area should really do these three steps right now.  Run your Lapsed Donor Report and discover some of the work that needs to be done the next month.  Thanks.

Most Important Phone Call You’ll Make This August

Many of our friends recently graduated high school and are starting college this month. What happens during those first weeks of college will significantly influence, not only their next four years, but the very direction of their lives.Andy Stanley says “Direction, not intention, determines destination.” He illustrates, “If you’re going north on I-85, you’re not going to end up in Florida.”

We can have conversations with our friends about their hopes and goals for college, but those good intentions can easily be forgotten once the lures of college begin to entice.  Let’s help them be intentional with their intentions.

College Young LifeIf they desire college to be an experience leading them into deeper intimacy with God, we can help them go that direction. One practical way to do that is by making one simple phone call or sending a text message.

Odds are there’s an active Young Life ministry in the town where your friends are going to college. If so, it’s worth it to spend the time to look up the phone number/email address of the YL staff in that area. One easy way to find the number is by using the online Young Life locator.  Text or email the YL staff folks the contact information for your friends going to that college. Also, text your freshmen friends the phone numbers of the YL staff.

If there is not Young Life at that college, there most certainly are other campus ministries and healthy churches around the area. Spend some time on Google and do some research along-side your recently graduated friend. By making one simple phone call, you may help connect them with someone who can significantly impact their journey after Jesus.

Even Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs. We’re not meant to do this alone. Let’s work hard at helping our friends find someone to walk alongside of them. It just might be the most important phone call you make this August. Another way to get them connected to their new area is to encourage them to sign up on the Young Life Alumni and Friends website.