Great work!!!!!!!!!

Great work getting kids signed up for camp and picking up R3 spots.  As a region, we picked up 45 more spots which means one more bus of kids will get to go to camp this summer and hear about Jesus!!!!!! Great Work!!!!!!!

I’m excited for our staff retreat next Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’m excited to talk about all of the great things that are happening in Montana/Wyoming, I’m excited to share hopes, dreams and struggles together and to pray with one another.

Thank you for all of the work you do to introduce kids to Christ and help them grow in their faith.

Keith Dow

Thank you for completing GPS!!

Action steps

  • Contact your committee chair to invite them to the call today May 14th at 7pm
  • Watch YL Access video sent by Rebecca Christ before Staff Meeting on May 19th
  • Staff Meeting at Canyon Ferry, Tuesday 1pm to Wednesday 1pm, May 19-20
  • Preliminary Budgets due May 22
  • Multi-cultural & Urban special expense forms due May 22
  • Senior contact info to region or on contacts by June 15th

MC&U Special Expense Form

Now is the time to apply for the special expense form online – you must fill this out every year.  Please note, when filling out the special expense form, total the amount of the annual subsidy you’re applying for and put this on your budget under line item 6230.  The auditing department is finding huge discrepancies between what areas apply for and the actual number on the budget; please remain consistent.

MC&U Special Expense Form
This application is due Friday 5/22 to the National Multicultural/Urban Office for the 2015-2016 fiscal year; please do in conjunction with your budget process. Some multicultural and urban areas have special programs that do not require the help of the Service Center’s administrative capacity, but do increase the area budget. This form allows multicultural and urban areas to apply for an exemption from the service charge for these programs. Click HERE to apply (please read directions thoroughly).

YL Access Committee Training

& Easy Area Launch

The number one request from areas has been “Can we use this for committee?”   Check out our new Committee Training Channel with 11 new training posts for both new and current committee members.  Topics include: Purpose of Committee, TDS: Taking Donors Seriously Made Simple, Effective Committee Meetings, The Adult Guest Program, and more!  Consider demonstrating YL Access at your next committee gathering and get your committee signed up. For more info on YL Access and easy area launch, check out this link.

Student Leadership Project

The Student Leadership Project (SLP) is a program of discipleship and leadership development for 50 committed Christian high school students who graduate in 2015 and 2016. It is aimed at students who have demonstrated leadership traits in Young Life, church, school, and community.
We are committed to diversity in the make-up of the group — race, ethnicity, geography, ability, church backgrounds, rural, urban, international, and suburban communities. The students will be chosen by staff from recommendations of local leaders. We’ll also have a variety of follow-up experiences over the next several years.
For more information, please contact Vern Hill at 651-430-1873 ,  or Sophia Cox 443-326-4192 or refer to the detailed information below.

2015 Information

Dates: Session One: June 23 – July 3
Session Two: July 7 – July 17
Hosted By: Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich.; North Park University in Chicago, Ill.; and Eastern University in Philadelphia, Pa.

Keep up the Great work

Good morning team,

I know you have heard me say this but GREAT WORK, this year.  The holy spirit has done some incredible things in Montana this year and it is all because of you and your faithfulness.  Keep trusting in the lord and introducing kids to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

Keith Dow

To do 

  1. May 11- GPS due
  2. Don’t forget that the address to send in all donations and payments to income processing has changed. See address below.
  3. Contact your committee chair to invite them to the call on May 14th at 7pm
  4. Watch YL Access video sent by Rebecca Christ before Staff Meeting on May 19th
  5. Send Shannon the names of your Camp trip leader for the call on May 28 at 7pm
  6. Staff Meeting at Canyon Ferry May 19-20
  7. Preliminary Budgets due May 22
  8. Senior contact info to region or on contacts by June 15th

GPS due May 11th. Every number is a face.

This is one of two times during the year that GPS is recorded and you have just 4 days left to complete this task. Please start to gather statistics and update GPS. Our mission-wide ministry statistics are drawn from this update so please verify that your numbers are accurate prior to submission. This is the most critical of updates. Please remember that these year end stats take into account the entire school year so contact list is all the kids you know and are praying for for the whole school year, etc.

One figure that we have not emphasized in the past, but that we’d like to emphasize in the Region this year is “Kids Impacted.” Please make sure you are giving a complete recording of kids impacted in your Area.

Please check your team leader, committee, and ministry support information for accuracy, as well. You may see another deadline in mission-wide mailings, but please stick with May 11, as the Region and Division have to review the numbers before the final deadline.

GPS Definitions

GPS Cheat Sheet

Call Shannon if you have any questions. Thank you.

Action Item: Before May 10, update your Area’s GPS.

Don’t loose track of your Seniors

Hi all, I know this can be a sad time of year as you say goodbye to your seniors. Let’s stay in touch with them and keep them connected as they transition to college or the work force by adding them to our Alumni list. There are several ways you can do this:

Alumni and Friends has connected thousands of incoming college freshman with local areas, which can help them acclimate better and give them a sense of belonging in this new stage of life. Thanks for helping your seniors out in this way! Blessings, Shannon

Cash Flow Budgets

This year we are doing our budgets in cash flow which is so much easier. You can see what you spent from last year right next to where you enter your projected budget. Genius!  There are recorded trainings available to you when you search “Budgets” on staff resources or call Shannon if you have questions.

Regional Calendar:

We have done a good amount of work and have most of the regional calendar done for next year.  You can view the regional calendar by clicking here. 

Committee Chair Conference call

Image result for Young Life committee

We are going to set up a committee chair conference call on Thursday May 14th at 7pm.  We will be sending out more details as we get closer.

Call in info:

Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:

Please click this URL to start or join.
Or, go to and enter meeting ID: 148 680 8789

Join from dial-in phone line:

Dial: +1 (424) 203-8420
Meeting ID: 148 680 8789

Action item: Please let you committee Chairs know about this call, we will be email them as well. 

Camp Trip Leader Conference call:

Camp is right around the corner and we need to make sure all of trip leaders have all the tools and know what to do when leading a trip.  To help with this, we are going to have a conference call for all trip leaders on Thursday May 28th at 7pm.  Area Directors please send Shannon Fair the names and email address of all your trip leaders.

Call in info:

Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:

Please click this URL to start or join.
Or, go to and enter meeting ID: 149 679 7604

Join from dial-in phone line:

Dial: +1 (424) 203-8420
Meeting ID: 149 679 7604

Action item: Send Shannon Fair the names and email address of all your trip leaders.

May 1st Income Processing Change:

Young Life is partnering with CDS Global to process donations and payments that come in the mail. The date of this transition is set to occur on May 1. Beginning on Friday, May 1, please send all Income Processing mail to the CDS Global processing facility at the appropriate address below:

Regular Mail:
Young Life
P.O. Box 70065
Prescott, AZ  86304-7065

Priority Packages:
CDS — Attn. Young Life
2286 Crosswind Drive, Suite A
Prescott, AZ  86301

1.       How do I get new envelopes?  New envelopes will be available for order on Wednesday, April 29th.  Simply order them online by clicking here.

2.       What do I do with my old envelopes?  You may still use your old envelopes, as long as a new address label is used to cover the old address.  You may use the attached document to print labels (label type: Avery 5160).

3.       What will happen to mail that is addressed to Colorado?  Mail received in Colorado will be auto-forwarded to the facility in Arizona for processing.

4.       How often will mail be forwarded to Arizona?  This will happen on a daily basis through the month of May.  In the months ahead this will likely taper off to once a week, with daily mailings toward the end of the month.

5.       How much of a delay will occur for mail received in Colorado and shipped to Arizona?  We anticipate that the forwarding procedure will add about 2 days to the processing time.  Please pay special attention to the address at the end of May, so that all donations and payments are included for month-end.

6.       Can I use the current Income Processing forms, or are there new versions?  Yes, you may continue to use the current IP forms.  There are no changes occurring to those forms at this time.

7.       Do my donors need to do anything?  Every donor who receives a paper receipt will automatically receive a return slip and envelope with the new address location already printed.  So your donors won’t need to do anything different.  Simply send their donation as always, and we’ll take care of the rest.